nothing more dangerous than person who healed themselves with the help of nobody…you will rise again

nothing more dangerous than person who healed themselves with the help of nobody…you will rise again

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  1. Humans are vastly MORE than they have been told .. governments , elites and people we give "power" to, know this is true, so they keep us down, have made us disconnected, absorbed in screens, while eating high fat high sugar convenience foods, while pushing alcohol and drugs, to make us depressed and feel sick, and keep us sedated and compliant,
    They do this, because the people we give our power to, Are scared of us, and how strong we are if we all came together and worked together ..That's why they try so hard to divide us… BUT
    The more these people in power grind us down, divide u, tell us we are nothing,
    soon enough the many will simply have had enough and rise, want more, get angry and take action..
    I think that time is coming
    And it's coming fast
    And it's vastly over due

  2. Clearly i have no idea what to do.. lost my dad when i was a kid.. i was demotivated in my college had backpapers and i droped the course reunited with my gf and after 2 year she found out about the things i lied to her (exams for govt jobs in india) i was demotivated, rotten inside , fighting myself but still cannot deliver my full ability to conquer myself and all after 1yr of breakup am still the old me overthinkng , sad, shit.. am fed up of this way i am

  3. Before my birth Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ wrote my fucken destroyed destiny with their pen. They decreed i live in the deepest darkest pit forever with illness, depression, agony and pain. They wrote that i will be a loser and get mocked by everyone on earth.
    What Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ wrote cannot be changed. So i cannot rise 🙏

  4. Lost the greatest person in the planet my mother to Covid in the worst possible way. Lost dad to first day at work. Lost my grandfather who i spent a lifetime with to cancer. Lost my gf to utter miscommunication. Losing mental strength by the second. But at best, knowing the triumph of fortitude, I am keeping my head high. And growing my wings big enough to wipe out the sorrow. Once. And. For. All. Breaking the walls down. For they can't take me down.

  5. "Person who healed themselves with the help of nobody" but also starts with, "Open to new opinions…the people you meet, the people you love, the faith that you have…that's what is going to define you."

  6. Dangerous? Only whom are the murderers and afraid/frighten by the retaliation (worst in self-defense?) from either the undeads, the immortal and the self healing. No doctors needed? Nor modern any medication?

  7. I finally started reconnecting with my deeper emotions. I found the music artists whose music is capable of getting me to cry almost every time I listen to her. I have found friends who I now consider to be family and have been extremely supportive and helpful when my mental health is at its worse.

    My upbringing was full of abuse and the Wednesday after chrsitmas I had to cut ties with my family due to the continued patterns of gaslighting, emotional manipulation and out right bigotry and pushing of religion. My uncle died recently and I nearly ruined my relationship with my best friend. I've only recently learned what it means to have adhd and the emotional disregulation that comes with it. Also confirmed to have ocd a couple months ago.

    Things are getting better but it's taking a lot of processing things that I have been suppressing or was unaware of till late. It's a lot to go thru though but I know I will be stronger in the end.

  8. You gotta keep moving you gotta bounce back …things get better. Nothing permanent. Serenity prayer was my moms fav verse. She was rght on. People won’t understands your journey or your attempts to help them. Love them anyway.

  9. Still willing Song and love has no pride. I swore I would not read any more post but I had to. All I can say is I healed wth the help of many I t was 2016. I spent 8 hour day working. Had a hub that help and my awww daughter a cancer disease dad wth bipolar and a bitter lady friend my parents divorced. Then I was on social media I tried scrambling to please many but put my attn where it was needed most an eating disorder gal that was wounded so would push away people like me that truly cared. She also was genius lol she did astral projection but only as a means to show control omg it a long story that my bet friend hub I don’t know how I would made it thru much in life wth out his support he was not easiest to live wth at times but omg you take the good wth the bad in this life my ma said. Well he said I should write a book. I said I sort of did. Well all I can say is I am 62. Times precious and I am lucky and appreciate everyone and everything. In 12 years On media omg much happen. Britts low platelet disease. Burt my hubs awes boss and long time friend died unexpected. He was kid at heart and dived off boat on vacation hit sand bar. You never know what around the corner. Media seems less important as it use to be i now realize how life go by fast. You don’t get 2nd chance. I use to take much fir granted. It time to live like. Tim M song. Life for living. My grandkids really are what I want to enjoy most. We might do time capsule fir them ect. So much to do so little time. I tired of scrambling. Time to slow down and do those back burner things while I can still do them it’s the simple things that bring most joy. We might plan a music bingo night among friends. I also have a dear friend. I met her the year my dad died. Her son ( only child won’t speak to her. I cited not imagine that pain. I try lift her spirits up as much as possible. Well my advice to anyone going thru tough times. The answer is easy. Live. Enjoy fam and friends as much as possible.Do what makes you happy. Life’s fir living there always something to do that will bring you joy. I might take up knitting lol wth my 5 yr grandson. Namaste love and light. Time to end my very long journal.

  10. What this description says
    Is the will to survive
    The fight of a dad
    This something that can not be broken
    This is strength you can not fuck with
    This power of the will to make every one listen
    Everyone pay attention
    Out of 7 billion people in this world
    And takes just one man to say no
    And stand this man will bring a war
    This man will bring peace
    This man will conquer
    This man will continue
    This man will win
    And do you not what
    The pain this person will take go threw for this
    I don't feel sorry for him or pity him as his pain has purpose his will has strength
    What I pitty and feel sorry for is what is in his way and what stops him because the force of what he is going to go threw the hole lot of this situation with
    Is power
    Is strength
    Is might
    Is will
    When you have no one behind you but you have that
    You don't ever nothing more to win
    But he how has this
    Will make a skyscraper crumble to rubble
    He who has this can fight the hardest fight and win
    He who has this can endure the most suffer and pain and still have the will to say fuck you and continue
    He who has this is a strength of there own he who does this is something to be admired but if against then has to fear at one stage or an other
    He who noes this controls this and thrusts that at the emermy
    At a million miles and hour
    With the words
    Take that
    I would call a dad

  11. So, what if there were a sunrise? A chance to open the curtains that were closed last night.

    A new day,
    a fresh beginning, a blank unpainted canvass.

    I remember closing those curtains.
    but I love opening them and letting the light flow in.

    This is going to be my day. If by some chance not,
    I'll open these curtains afresh.

    Im alive and so all is still possible.