Not Many People Have Discipline… But The Great Ones Do

Not Many People Have Discipline… But The Great Ones Do

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  1. Why are people always in denial that this works? Why are they always wanting what others have but not willing to contribute just as much as the ones who have? Is it the socialist indoctrination of the U.S.?

  2. I have a self – discipline but it never worth it for me I became back stand always so how could it worth it for people like me to live at least an average life. I am 16 but it really a heavy Education pressure and my life decision pressure on me even sometimes I messed up things cuz of depression and disappointment from my failurties. Even I am now submitted everything but I believe that there is still hope for me from this Fearless Motivation.

  3. Disappline to me is a choice me I was raised different like all learn from your mistakes right no ppl who have heart to be selflessness n have to expect nothing in return but have the will to earn one's place in this world n keep moving forward

  4. Discipline is all about.. Thanku for giving such great inspiration and guidance… All words which u say is totally incredible… Not for me but for other too.. Not all people understand the true meaning of life which we wants to life.. But who.. Understand this vidio is going to be live a better…, and healthy life with full of pride..

  5. Most times we ask ourselves, does school actually teach us how to make money? Does it actually teach how to be a billionaire? The answer is no. School only develops your mindset, improves your thinking ability while you choose to learn how to earn it big or remain poor. We all have our choices to make, when I made the choice of investing in stock one year ago, i realised I have taken one of the biggest action of my life by investing the only $1000 I had then which has yielded up to $130,000 currently..the choice of investing with my broker was actually worth it. Forex is a good investment by the way

  6. Lost my discipline and self control because how hurt i am being rejected by the dream ive worked hard for. Thanks for this. I shall regain my strength and be a better person

  7. TRUTH…..! I'm 70 years old and I can tell you that this is the best advice you will ever get. 10 years is nothing in the span of life…..go make it happen !

  8. This is the absolute truth ! I'm 70 years old and have led a good life. I wasn't what you would call disciplined, but knew what i wanted and went after it. But discipline will take you farther. Sacrifice now for what you want later and live your life !

  9. To be frank I didn’t know how much I needed all of your content until after I watched it. Thankyou, so so much. I finally after all these years know that I’m going to be a “good one” because I got this, and so does everyone else, thank you, for giving us this blessing.