Nikola Tesla: “This invention was their worst nightmare”

Nikola Tesla: “This invention was their worst nightmare”

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  1. What did he just say @5:50 ? I just want to know if you guys heard what i heard. I mean he's not wrong, but damn…i would have chose another word. I checked the captions too, but the captions heard it differently, and the word the captions give doesnt make contextual sense. Anyway…just saying.

  2. I like to thank this man for outting out this video! And, to Theses Disgusting roaches that were spawned out of a septic tank, that basically were allowed to run the "show", for thousands of years- should have had their animation revoked, a long time ago!!!! there is really only one way of fixing this without any kind of intervention from a higher source- and that is to revoke their animation."THEY" wouldn't have
    been able to impose laws and regulations that have been nothing but a detriment to all life forms on Earth, and were meant intentionally to impoverish and enslave the Human race, as well as oppresse it completely- if "there" animation were "REVOKED"- its game over, obviously! AND IM NOT PICKY AS TO THE ENDLESS WAYS IT COULD DONE! If we focus hard enough, we actually manifest there "demise"! How magical would that be!!!!!!

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  4. You see, these people talk like they are smart, but they are indoctrinated. The earth is flat and has an electric field above. What is called gravity is really Incoherent Electrostatic Acceleration. There is a voltage gradient as you rise up in the atmosphere. The pyramids had crystals inside that vibrated at earths frequency and produced free energy.

  5. ?. I was at a retirement seminar and the speaker spoke on how he quit his job after he made well over $950,000 PROFIT within 3months he invested $120,000. I just began investing and i will really appreciate any tips or helpful guide.

  6. So the solution might be boycotting everything that hurts life, as they say in the movie "La Belle Verte", by Colline Serreau.
    Then make … ensuite faire des procès à toutes les entreprises qui bloquent la vie.
    Then develop our brains and abilities while coming back to harmony with nature. Beautiful movie that proposes a way to come back to …truth and life and I don't know.
    If you need to laugh also watch it, it gives hope and practical solutions. I can't explain (go watch it!)?

  7. Revelationary and inspiring presentation.

    Which book or books on Nikola Tesla's work is/are worth reading, touching on zero point energy and his vision of free energy harnessed from the field for all?


  8. Always someone out there to steal a business idea from someone and no change can ever happen..Nikola has always been advanced and knows things no one will ever understand. And he knew it too. Wish he was still around today.

  9. Dr Greer's work is amazing and I encourage people to look further into his work if you haven't already. Lets get these technologies released to the world.

  10. They can put a meter on it now. Expect this technology to be released and we’ll be screwed because it won’t be very affordable to the public but the few select people will get all the money for it.

  11. I have a problem when iam thinking about a person or any scenes that i like i can't visualize it i feel negative emotions for example= If i think about my favourite person that time my mind says ohh thats not she her face shape is not correct or her hair is not correct i can't feel the postivie emotion. I want to overcome it how i can overcome it please help me

  12. in this scenario where a patent will not be obtained, you must give away the knowledge. You must make it so that the average joe can replicate the idea on his own. The way you do that is to simplify your patent and anonimously start mailing the idea or invention to the public. Just give the idea away and expect no financial gain, then will your idea come in to fruition. what doesnt cost money to buy is the most valuable concept of our time, history and life, can anybody reading this tell me what is free but more valuable than money???

  13. You know why Nikola Tesla is not regarded as a good scientist ? Because he lied about his inventions so many times that its safe to assume that all of the ones he didnt present to the world were just made up. Interestingly he only didnt present the ones that disagreed with science. Makes him a liar, nothing more. Couldve proven the opposite any time he wanted to. Refused to do it.

  14. It baffles me how one greedy individual will rob a whole planet from being a greater place to get what he wants. It still continues today with the WEF, not once have they ever suggested building something like this just eat bugs and dont drive is what we get from them,meanwhile they fill there faces with filet mignon, and fly private jets from country to country to say we are the problem, all so they can push policies to gain there control over us not bringing any real solutions to the table, just fear mongering with broken promises that dont even make sense. Natural gas is a very clean energy but they want you to throw away your gas stoves, they want you dependant on them. If everything is electric and equipped with smart tech they hold the off switch. If they don't like what your doing or something you said boom they can shut off your car, they can shut off your stoves and control everything. We need justice, If our government wont give it to us we may have to take it before its too late. if you have read to this point I'm impressed and thank you for your time glad someone is listening god bless.

  15. lets pray for free energy and a zero point energy world….lets hope Nikolas wish for all of humanity to have free energy,,despite the fact that THEY dont want us to have it