#nickvujicic #limblesspreacher #hope #christian #disability #lifewithoutlimbs #religion #motivation

#nickvujicic #limblesspreacher #hope #christian #disability #lifewithoutlimbs #religion #motivation

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Can God heal? Yes.
But can God also take home? Yes.
Does God know best for when my dad to go home? Absolutely, I would never want to argue with God on that one, and I want you to know, He is up there looking down, and one day, I will be up there. One day my family is going to be up there. One day we will all be there. Amen? And when we see God face to face, I wonder if God is going to look me in the eye and say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant. Welcome home!” And then possibly–everyone say, “Possibly,” and then look over my shoulder and say, “Who else did you bring?”

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  1. It's so much easier when you're certain that you're all going to be together in heaven forever. But seriously, Nick, it's hopeless for the ones we love who did not believe and receive their Gift of Redemption, yet have suddenly gone on ahead of us. It's not okay, and there's nothing I can do to change it.

  2. Too many are too afraid to share the Good News to others – Why?
    Because of fear of what the other person's reaction will be.

    Because we think/feel we aren't well-versed enough to share the Gospel readily.

    Because we don't think it's "our job" to share the Truth, Way and Life; that job is for ministers, pastors, missionaries, etc.

    Nick speaks so eloquently. I do look forward to meeting him one day.

  3. Love you bro ….your amazing God is so pleased with you great job keep up the great work you really put in perspective me living my christian life I must share the word of God I hope everyone can feel the grace the love the comfort and total peace that Jesus gives me everyday and the overwhelming feeling of the holy spirit I try to tell people about Jesus at my work nobody there is a Christian it gets really hard sometimes they listen but then it's right back to meaningless talk I will keep praying for them …..and keep telling them the Great work that JESUS IS DOING IN MY LIFE ?✝️✝️✝️????✨?✨✨✨?✨?❤️