NEVER GIVE UP – Best Motivational Speech Video

NEVER GIVE UP – Best Motivational Speech Video

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NEVER GIVE UP! When life get’s hard and you reach your lowest point, you can either give up or get up. Today, choose to get up and never give up.

This is a new motivational video release from MotivationHub spoken by Meiyoko Taylor. It’s a brand new original speech we spent a lot of time working on, hope you enjoy it!

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►Meiyoko Taylor: Personal Development Coach and Author of Thriving After 30

Thriving After 30 – Because You’re Never Too Old To Be Great,
is a book and movement that will inspire you to tap into your full potential and show you that success has no age limit.

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  1. When I was reading a book, I came across this interesting story. The former prime minister had to give a speech to thousands of the graduating class. He walked to the front of the large auditorium wearing his heavy coat and black felt bowler. The crowd grew silent. He looked down on them for one long minute and then spoke these three words:
    "Never give up!"
    The students looked at the old man, waiting for him to say more. For at least another 30 to 45 seconds he just stared at them, and then spoke again. This time he growled it louder.
    "Never give up!"
    Finally the old man spoke one last time.
    "Never give up!"
    This time he shouted it. His three-word graduating speech echoed up and down the auditorium. At first the crowd was silent, surprised, waiting for more. Nobody moved. One by one they realized there was no need for more. He had said it all! In his endless silence that day, even the youngest of them were moved to tears.

    Never give up!

  2. I work alone, I work hard, I don't give up even on the worse days. Yes I feel pain I feel numb but one day it will go when I get the things I need so train hard and keep living.

  3. The history's central figure, the world's largest following God Jesus has claimed as the only way to get to heaven,the truth,the life giver,healer,lover of sinners,died 4 them n arose on the 3rd day. C 'following Christ!'… google.!!

  4. Thank you I needed this motivation in me…. I was crying in tears because you told me what people are going then and you understand what all people are going thru we live in this world where’s there’s so much pain giving up tears and so much more that you know but some people need motivation in there self bc if you give up right now you will never reach your goal in life. And I want people to understand why other people are like this I want other people to stop bullying because if you are in that persons shoes today you wil know what they are going thru today.

  5. I remember watching this 1 year ago it was P.E and I was playing foot ball and I was soooo bad ):

    But then I remember NEVER GIVE UP and I actually am in a football game now thank you!♡

  6. Last few months, I wanted to give up on everything. Life tested me, but I always kept hope because of my dream goal. These motivational videos helped a lot. Keep on pushing everyone. There is a light at the end of the storm.