“Never Get REJECTED Again” — Jordan Peterson

“Never Get REJECTED Again” — Jordan Peterson

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Professor Jordan Peterson reveals how women select men and the tricks you can use to attract more women.

Watch the video until the end for a mind-blowing tip by Professor and Clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson!

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Jordan Bernt Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist, YouTube personality, author, and a professor emeritus at the University of Toronto. Jordan Peterson began to receive widespread attention in the late 2010s for his views on cultural and political issues, often described as conservative. Jordan Peterson’s life advices will leave you speechless when taken seriously. We hope this motivation from Jordan Peterson will help you in your life.
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  1. yet again Jordan Peterson says something fairly simple in an overly complex way.. Yes people select partners on the basis of intelligence, success, physical attractiveness and because of the nature of dating culture there is some aspect of competition to this. He doesn't actually offer any useful advice outside of what everyone already knew.. if you are successful people are more likely to want to date and or marry you.. If you are less attractive you had better be more successful – truly top tier insight from Dr. Peterson..

  2. Focus on spiritual growth and achieve enlightenment instead. The bliss and joy that comes from enlightenment is far superior to worldly, materialistic or sensory pleasures.

  3. – Be funny and witty (and not the kind that makes fun of others, please. It’s tacky and tactless!) If you didn’t make her laugh, she’s not into you.
    – Be interested in what she says and does. If you’re not interested, just move on.
    – Get into hobbies, it makes for fun outings rather than the usual dinner and a movie.
    – You don’t have to have a gym body, a real woman is looking for a responsible, respectful, interesting and fun guy. However, you should look healthy and happy. So, make sure you look and smell clean, take care of your skin, teeth and nails. And for god’s sake, leave your farting and burping for the mens bathroom.
    – Lastly, keep a genuine positive life outlook. A woman should not be your psychologist, she’s not there to help you carry your baggage – this could create an awful and toxic codependency and it makes you look whiny! If she’s the one trying to unload onto you, move on. A life partner is there to share your ups and downs, but you’re not and she’s not your psychologist.
    FYI – A person generally can’t keep up a false appearance for more than three months, at the most! So don’t try to dazzle her, just be yourself. Oh, so what if you’re not any of the descriptions I offered above? Then, it’s time to become a better version of you (which means, grow up!)
    I really hope this helps, guys❤ ❤ ❤