Neuroscientist: “You will never wake up tired again” | Dr. Andrew Huberman

Neuroscientist: “You will never wake up tired again” | Dr. Andrew Huberman

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“TRY IT TONIGHT it only takes a few minutes”
Your body’s clock is responsible for more than just sleep and wakefulness

►Special Thanks to Andrew Huberman for sharing this valuable information.
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  1. Thank you for endorsing hypnosis for sleep and other mental issues. It was doctors like Elliotson , Esdaile, Braid and more who first promoted hypnosis then it was ignored in preference for drugs (and backhanders to doctors) The patient begins to control their life with the practices you promote… and that’s a good thing.

  2. Click Bait with the green circles around his thumbs. Where is that in the video? Nice job completely ripping off Dr. Huberman's work for your own gain. Hope you are not making money off of this.

  3. I use ASMR Reiki, Sasquatch Chronicles or Audible, magnesium glycinate 1500mg will repeat x1 if needed during the night, melatonin 40mg prn, and marijuana. I have two sleep disorders to manage. I also sleep with the curtains open, and use blue light blocking on my tablet. I have low amber night lights and try very hard not to ever turn on a light during sleep hours. Sleeping with the curtains open advanced my clock. I go to bed early and get up early. I do not wake up to an alarm how then could you get the sleep you need?

  4. All these diligent youtube problem solvers, feasting on people despair. And we are supposed to think this is normal? Should be liable for creating expectation but providing bs information.

  5. Almost 3yrs of 14hr night shifts. Sleeping pills and blacked out windows. During the winter in Northern Alberta Canada, I don't see sunlight when I'm working 7 nights and 7 days off.

  6. Along with the technic Dr. Andrew discuses, I use red light at night. I got one of those smart bulbs that change color and turn it to a red tint a couple hours before I want to go to bed, I also set my tv/computer screen settings to a red tint. The red light simulates dusk and triggers the parasympathetic system. And I fall asleep soooo easy. Works better than those expensive blue blockers. Hope it helps!!