Neuroscientist: “I NEVER KEEP MY PHONE IN MY POCKET” | Andrew Huberman – MasteryTV

Neuroscientist: “I NEVER KEEP MY PHONE IN MY POCKET” | Andrew Huberman – MasteryTV

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Stanford Neuroscientist explains why you should never keep your phone in your pocket.
►Special Thanks to Andrew Huberman for sharing this valuable information.
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  1. Human people have never been as unhealthy as in the past 1 1/2 centuries.. very exciting times – and thank you Andrew Huberman for keeping us up to date with the clinical science (i feel like there is zero interest in promoting health nowadays… Cause it would make you not buy all the shit the monopolys serve you to make you feel miserable and addicted

  2. what about outdoors? Where to keep it?
    At home, you can keep it in other rooms and leave it on highest volumes so that important calls are not missed .

  3. You are right on the money. All man made things are more harmful than good from writing to sword making. I would argue there was no wars prior to writing and metal tool making.

  4. Seems I see a Lot of troll bots in the comments……Wouldn't want 2 be inspired or think positive !?…Who could belittle themselves 2 such a level of ignorance ? One would have 2 be dismissive or pessimistic 2 show such high intelligence !!?! One would need to gloat and bask in the vast amazing intellect and rhetoric !!?!…One would need 2 correct other- views or mistakes –Even taking a certain pride in being a Bot!!?!…So don't dare 2 critical think! …Do no research!….One should not be allowed 2 do such a thing! …No one should put together a hypothesis with out the express concent of your authorized authoritarian Bot ! !!

  5. EMF penetrates 2 inches into tissue and how the hell anyone can support all these scanners and emf ports with 5 G is terrifying. Sperm counts will decrease automatically yet the ftc deems it safe? And now they are covering low earth orbit with it? Insanity

  6. About 10 years ago i hiked a car, and the car owner (old man) asked me NOT to use the cellphone, while I was inside. He stopped the car so I could exit it and make a call. (Reason being – metal refracts waves) Turned out he was a scientist in one of the institutions, researching radio-waves and micro-waves, and for the rest of the trip he told me things Andrew says in this video and some other bad stuff about how cellphones affect health. I didn't believe him then.

  7. Can anyone please suggest that if we go out, then where we should keep our mobile phone other than our pockets?? I don't carry a purse as well, so where should I keep my phone??

  8. Getting to be more and more common to see people who live in an urban environment, especially like you mentioned phones in their pocket, high levels of pollution have absolutely tanked testosterone levels. Men and women here

  9. The way Dr. Huberman describes the "research" done with rats with a cell phone under the cage does not sound like serious research. It appears to be the work of amateurs. How many rats were used in the study? Was there a control group without a cell phone under the cage? Dr. Huberman does not sound like he knows much about the subject either. He speaks in the video of "defects . . . by mere exposure to cell phone emitted waves. Let's just call it that. We don't know what they are." What?! We don't know what cell phone emitted waves are? He may not, but engineers and physicists know. James Clerk Maxwell wrote down his equations describing the phenomena before the year 1900. They are radio waves also known as electromagnetic waves. Man has been creating them for at least the last 100 years. They are emitted by all am and fm radio and tv transmitting towers, all weather radar antennas, all mobile radios used by police and fire departments, air traffic controllers, most airplanes both for communication with the "tower" and weather radar in the nose, and on and on. Real research would be far more precise, stating the frequency and intensity of the radio waves used in the research, and the varying effects on the rats at different frequencies and intensities. The "research" spoken of in this video is far too amateurish to be concerned about its "findings."

  10. But does correlation imply causation? Hmm… would be much more concerned about dietary issues in modern people than cell phone use. And if cell phones ar eharmful, then what about Laptops? Smart Tvs?

  11. Remove the battery when not in use. Unfortunately all new phones now have integrated non-removable batteries. Engineering has taken a huge step backwards.

  12. We don't know what they are?! They're plain EM radiation, very low energy and very high frequency mr. Neuroscientist. Why don't you stick those mice in a kitchen and identify defects in their testicular and ovarian development there.

  13. I would get headaches when i first stared using an old NOKIA cell phone. I will rarely put the phone to my head, tho I'm not sure the bluetooth headset is much better.

    I think about when i stared using headphones with a Walkman, my ears and had would hurt also tho it is quite different with the smart phone.

  14. I was hoping at SOME point in the vid…..a remedial suggestion of just "where" one would park his cell phone instead of in the pockets….and find nothing.