Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman: "You Will Feel The Benefits Immediately" – MasteryTV

Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman: "You Will Feel The Benefits Immediately" – MasteryTV

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►Special Thanks to Andrew Huberman for sharing this valuable information.
Check out his amazing content here:

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  1. It's crazy I found this video. I've been working on myself. I've always had anxiety and depression. I noticed it really became a problem when I lost my loved ones. I notice a big difference now that I get sun 1st thing in the morning. My fiance both noticed a few months ago that we do better when we fast and just drink water or have water and fruit in the AM. I'm so happy I can pass these gems on to my kids. Thanks for the additional info great video! 💖

  2. What are the benefits exactly? Are we talking about a sense of well-being in general? I've been doing these things for about 6 months (except drinking a lot of water in the morning), but I actually can't identify any benefits to my mood or motivation. The one thing that enhances my mood is actually deliberately breaking my routine, experiencing something new. Being in some type of unfamiliar territory is what shuts down rumination and self-absorption. What is the actionable information in knowing your lowest body temperature? You actually don't explain this. Do you take your temperature or not? You show a thermometer briefly, but you don't say how you take your temperature 2 hours before you wake up! You also don't come back to this subject to explain how it's useful, like you say you will.

  3. I wouldn't recommend "forcing yourself" to drink x amount of water. NO animal in nature "forces" itself to drink; rather, they drink when they are "thirsty." So, listen to your body. It knows what it's doing.

  4. Andrew – today was my 1st day following this. Went outside for an hour of sunlight within 30mins of waking up. Put Himalayan salt (a pinch) in my water, drank coffee 2 hours after waking up – just doing those 3 things for 1 day (today) I feel lile a whole different person. I am energized I am alert. I am going to practice this forever. Wow what a marked difference!!! I am seriously amazed

  5. What if I wake up prematurely at 1am and 4am every night. I don't need to wake up until 530. So i try to snooze. I go to bed around 1030-11pm. If i go to bed earlier, i wake up earlier. It's exhausting…

  6. This is what I been doing lately, what a coincidence… I woke up and took my dog to a walk(no cell phone), then as you said I waited to take my coffee , I don't have dinner and have break fast 11 am approx, this little changes are amazing

  7. The body and mind thrives on predictability of nutrition and physical movement. If you dont set this up within nature for your self, nature will set about for the conditions to learn about you in exchange for unpredictably of mental illness.

  8. Postponing breakfast till 11, that sounds unscientific. Getting stressed and increasing norepinephrine sounds good .. but what about the hypoglycemia that sets in. That will itself make u drowsy

  9. Kind of hard to wake up and let the sunshine in through the windows in the morning when you live in Ireland 😂 Rains 365 days a year.

  10. Nobody in the comments even seems to notice that he doesn't mention in this video WHY we need to know when our body temperature is the lowest. Just to know it doesn't have any benefits at all. But you people are just like "oh yeah, okay, good to know" without thinking about it. So – I'm the first one asking: WHY?

  11. Các giao thức quy trình buổi sáng

    00:16 1) Ghi lại thời gian bạn thức dậy

    02:13 2) Đi dạo ngoài trời

    05:59 3) Uống nước

    07:05 4) Trì hoãn lượng caffein cho đến 1,5 – 2 giờ sau khi thức dậy

    08:40 5) Nhịn ăn cho đến khoảng giữa trưa

    09:43 6) Tập thể dục, lý tưởng là trong ~ 1 giờ, 5 ngày trở lên / tuần

    10:20 7) Dành một ngày để nghỉ ngơi

    11:04 8) Hãy linh hoạt, nhưng luôn nhận được ánh sáng mặt trời vào buổi sáng và ngủ đều đặn

    11:24 9) Cố gắng luôn thức dậy cùng một lúc, kể cả sau khi thức khuya

  12. im up by 4:30am for work so not sure how well the morning light portion of this works but even on weekends i tend to try and up within 30 minutes either end of my normal wake up time and i've always avoided any caffeinated drinks after 11:30am.

  13. "Make a note of the time you wake up to know when you were the coldest. Why? Idk… I thought it was a cool thing to say." Great, pal… Just great.