Navy SEAL Teaches Teen A Big Lesson | Chad Williams Speech | Goalcast

Navy SEAL Teaches Teen A Big Lesson | Chad Williams Speech | Goalcast

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  1. An important lesson?

    A guy flying into another country on the other side of the world, killing people gets killed in the process, but manages to involve some kid into it deep enough to make this kid want to do the exact same thing: Fly around the world, kill people he has not spoken a word to before and eventually die in the process, after involving the next generation?

    If there is an important lesson in this, then it is to stop this spiral…

  2. Imagine being a Soldier, being made to fight for a corrupt leader like Joe Biden. Leaving Children to be murdered in Afghanistan. What a Career.

  3. I was the same guy. Although I had just won a State title in wrestling and become an Eagle Scout I felt I was not meeting my potential.
    Two months later I stepped of the bus at PARRIS ISLAND.
    I served as a Marine for 8 years.
    40 years later I look back at a family of 5 kids and 12 grandkids. I own a business that employs 300 people and serve as mayor of my home town.
    And some folks think I am a failure because I never borrowed 200,000 dollars to go to college.

  4. Navy seals is almost America's most elite they are 2nd tier but nonetheless a really elite group nothing but respect for them but it's Delta Force

  5. Scott worked for Blackwater and were told not to drive ir get detoured through Fallujah. They didnt take on the advice from the CRG lads who just lost the Compass contract to Blackwater. Sadly, they paid the ultimate price

  6. I wish I had something to push and guide me in my youth so I could have made better decisions, I learned from my mistakes but I have already lost my youth and it is to late

  7. To all the wimps full of excuses go and join any branch of the armed forces BUT if you think you just quit if it is to uncomfortable or inconvenient then You are a real loser

  8. Loser….”Someone who cares what other people think about him, as he doesn’t live up or add up to their standards!” Jesus doesn’t care!! Only people care what/who you are. You’ve succeeded in making those around you happy!

  9. "turning out to be a loser" when you're fresh outta highschool? C'mon bro. Maybe rolling over at 35 and working at Mcdonalds maybe, but being young and not knowing what you want to do with your life is perfectly fine.

  10. Great conclusion Chad. Same principle I repeat over and over to my kids. What we CAN control is how we respond to hardship/adversity. Great reinforcement for them to hear it from you.