My Personal Development Plan | Darren Hardy – MasteryTV –

My Personal Development Plan | Darren Hardy – MasteryTV –

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In today’s video from DarrenDaily, I want to share with you my simple daily strategy for self-improvement. It’s called the 1-1-3-5-1-30-30-5 plan. Seems complicated, but watch this video to start implementing it today to compound your personal development and success.

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0:00 – What is my personal development plan?
0:22 – JIC vs. JIT time
1:26 – My 1-1-3-5-1-30-30-5 plan
4:27 – My 5-step study process
5:30 – Results over time

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  1. #I'mIn I like how you break this down to picking three things to focus on. I tend to want to focus on all and when you want to focus on all you focus on nothing. I am committed to focusing on three things and measuring my progress.

  2. I'm in to work this plan. Darren, please share in a future Darren Daily two or three examples of skills you implemented this with, what you read and listened to, what you extracted, how you acted on it and measured and reviewed. If this video is already available on Darren Daily, please direct me to the episode. Thank you. God bless.

  3. #IMIN This plan mimics the leadership education of my homeschool format. I'm excited to continue the process even though my homeschool kids are all in college, grad school or on their career path.