Morning Routine [The 5am Club Meditation for Legends]

Morning Routine [The 5am Club Meditation for Legends]

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I just created this super-potent elite performance meditation for everyone who got into #PersonalMasteryAcademy 2017–my live event happening this weekend. I want to share it with you too…

…Use it every morning at 5 am to BATTLEPROOF your 4 Interior Empires: your Mindset, your Heartset, your Healthset and your Soulset. In a few weeks, it will deliver strong results for you. Please pay it forward and share it with your friends so we get tons of people playing this A-Game and showing up as heroes versus victims. Love + respect. Robin


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  1. In praise of walking with the Icons
    (A morning meditation by Robin Sharma)

    I honor this fire of mastery,
    this instinct for legendary smoldering deep within my strongest core.
    In the past, my dream has been dismissed,
    my gift has been denied, my heart has been hurt, my body has been torn.
    Yet, my spirit is strong.
    Yes, my soul knows I will win. Yes, I will win.
    So now I see walking into my fears as an arena for my greatness.
    I now get that rising to my ambition is my platform for possibilities.
    I'm sort of a superhero. Sort of.
    Few know it. I know it.
    I am understanding that until my vision becomes an obsession, my craft will never become my genius.
    I am becoming the Mozart of my game, the Oprah of my art, the Steve Jobs of my poetry.
    Each morning while the rest of the world sleeps, I rise, at 5 am.
    I run the rituals of the giants, the routines of the titans.
    I now understand how I begin sets up how elegantly I win.
    As I move through my day with a great genuine smile on my face, I optimize my practices, elevate my performances, and multiply my influences.
    Each day in my own sincere way, I walk with the giants.
    The heroes of history are my peers.
    I create my own internal reality.
    I don't participate in the so-called reality of society; it doesn't matter to me.
    I am in my own world, my alternate universe, born of mastery, passion, audacity and love.
    Yes, I always work with love, live and deliver with love.
    Because this is my daily practice, it inevitably, comes my neurobiology.
    And because this is my consistent training, it automatically becomes my way of being, that soon becomes my self-fulfilling prophecy.
    Yes, my inner reality self-generated sets me up to create it on the outside.
    Yes, I am, therefore, the captain of my destiny, the author of my fortune, the maker of my empire.
    I do this for myself in high respect for my greatest gift.
    I do this for those I love, so they too make their leap.
    I do this for the world that needs more heroes and humanitarians.
    That's me: A hero, a humanitarian, a legend.

  2. Question: I get up, fairly easy, at 5am. workout for 20 min, meditation for 15 min, write in my journal for 15 min, drink my shake and take a "cold" shower…. And i feel great but I still can't start studying before 9am 🙁 any tips? thanks in advance!

    I am a programmer (cisco networks) so I need my computer and internet. Storing my laptop or turning off internet is not an option.

  3. 20 years ago I sat on a beach reading The monk who sold his Ferrari and was meditating to Sharma's guided meditation. Here I am 20 years later and it's just like I envisioned! Not sure how I got here, but all I know it was a matter of seizing the synchronicities along the way! Thanks for putting this out there!

  4. Hi Robin,
    Started connection with you , listening you , watching your insight and guidance, it gives me hope to start a fresh at age 52 . I lost a lot in business and in life but I see possibilities and hope for myself by following and implementing your golden words..
    Best regards,

  5. Thank you for helping me so much every morning for the past
    month. Since I`ve been listening to your videos, my YouTube channel has been
    growing so beautifully and help me even to create
    better videos. I would highly appreciate to get anyone`s support and feedback
    who loves yoga or want to begin a yoga practice regarding my new 30 Day Morning
    Yoga Program, coming up on May 1st . Thank you so
    much in advance!

  6. anything more important than nutrition, mindful breathing through the nose, and a strong/positive mentality? through these three ideas, i've branched off many other ideas that have really helped me mentally and physically. i'd love to share my ideas and get yours, too. i don't want to quit learning better ways! 🙂

  7. i love your video so much , this is the life changing video. i listen to your audi book every night and whenever i have free time. Thank you for what you brings to the world which needs more hereos and humanitarians

  8. I've been getting up at 5am for the last 3 and a half months fairly easily. I have a wonderful morning routine as well. The challenge for me now is to change my beliefs about what else I can achieve.