Morning Meditation to Stop Racing Thoughts | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

Morning Meditation to Stop Racing Thoughts | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

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In this meditation, Eckhart guides you on how to stop thinking and concentrate on your breathing, while being aware of your body so you can start off your mornings finding stillness.

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  1. Clouds – chased by wind – are a good way to stop racing negative thoughts and to find peace in the morning. We enjoy letting go and achieving success. Peace be to all being in alignment with the universe.

  2. Ich muss durchschauen,daß meine Gedanken nichts bedeuten,ihnen also die Macht nehmen….bin schon enttäuscht von E. Tolle,weil er es angeblich weiss,aber auf eine Art weitergibt,die das Erwachen sehr schwer macht

  3. Thoughts that are coming from a deeper expanded awareness are very useful and absolutely necessary what would it otherwise make sense to open a chanel. Thoughts are the essence of creation if they come from a higher awareness not from the ego.

  4. ~ but for the artistic racing thoughts are vital for their life. In my racing thoughts genius thoughts come at me like a walk in a soft snow. everyother snow flake contains a message of genius. ~1111~

  5. Eckhardt, spirituality was not in my lexicon. At 46 years of age, after many, many years of intense and constant suffering caused by my own poor choices, intense anxiety that is deep on both sides of my family (mom and dad) I was drawn to a Pinterest article over and over your name appeared. I read a couple beautiful quotes and was intrigued… but I had no clue what you were referring to. About 6 months after seeing your name on Pinterest I was in a book store and went looking for the “spiritual “ section and found The Power of Now. That night I was alone in my home and I was peaceful with yoyr book… about page 65 or so I began walking aroma home and had a spontaneous awakening experience… it was the most beautiful and precious gift of my life. It’s been deepening ever since October of last year🙏🏽. I can literally “see” the present moment or the space that is full of breathtaking aliveness… at will. You saved my life and I have no way to properly thank you ever. Warmest Regards, Tiffany

  6. Wow I just got taught something special… I never felt that before almost scared me to recognize the silence inside me but also a ball of power just resting Holy cow


  8. WHY IS MANKIND, you and me as we are? Without covering it up with all kinds of lies and excuses which do not satisfy the soul, that by the touch and grace of our Maker seek's light in the darkness. please take one hour of your precious time for the straight up Truth that will bring Light in the darkness I know this from my own experience check out (What happened with us) on my channel.

  9. I love you so much! ! I use these meditations both to meditate but also, I am a lifelong insomnia getting between 3 to 4 hours of sleep at night for decades and it’s really quite debilitating and deleterious to my well-being in every direction. Your voice is very soothing and the teachings contained their in are perfect for when you’re going to sleep as an insomniac. I am sorry to report that the bell you deploy is like a gun in my head. I’m sure you won’t see this message but I would be so grateful if you would at least put up a second video that doesn’t have a bell. Also, can you post meditations that go on for several hours?I’m able to stop thinking but I’m not able to stop hearing unfortunately. An insomniacs body is so raw and sensitive and brittle. I apologize for sounding so self pitying! Your meditations helped me so much.

  10. Thankyou Eckhardt,
    Since I was a child I discovered this conscious breathing was an excellent remedy for hiccups. I now practice this method in Thai Chi. If only I had included it throughout my days over the past six decades, I would have been able to control my anxiety which led to a lot of illness.
    Thankyou again for your words of insight and wisdom. Frances 🐴