Military Money: How To Get $100K Within the Military – MasteryTV –

Military Money: How To Get $100K Within the Military – MasteryTV –

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In this episode I will share with you how to get $100K within YOUR time in the military.

I joined the Navy June 2015 with $200. June 2020 I hit $130K. June 2021 I hit $200K.

My passion and my channel is geared towards helping future service members financially thrive by understanding what you need to do day to day.

In this video, I will be sharing with you 3 tips to kick start your journey.
1) Golden Rule & Platinum Rule
2) Self-Educate and Become a Practictioner
3) Military is NOT College

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  1. Watching this video, I see that I am on the right track. Eliminate all my debts, give myself an allowance of $200 per month, pay for my storage and phone bills. The goal here is to save at least a $1000 every months. Let see how much I will have by the time I reach five years in the Navy.

  2. I'm headed to bootcamp in about 17 days my training and conditioning has been very good and I am now committing to reviewing my start guide until shipment date as well as conditioning but my main focuse was to use the the month of june to train and get physically ready and july to study all I can, I feel that I have a good mindset when it comes to money and having good finacial habits, What really caught my ear was that their will be things along the way that may result in having to spend money either it be for family or a life style, So that is where my intrest shifts to how can I make more money while in the NAVY what kind of investments should I make in the long run or at least keep in mind, With that being said what are some things I should look into besides the TSP(Thrift savings plan) Because TSP is a retirement plan, I do have alot of help from faimly esspecially a member of my faimly is a finacial assistant and can help me but I am just curious as to what you suggest