Mel Robbins: “Do This Tomorrow Morning! It Impacts Your Entire Day”

Mel Robbins: “Do This Tomorrow Morning! It Impacts Your Entire Day”

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  1. I say these prayers every morning. It changes everything for the better, the whole day through: “I love myself unconditionally, and I forgive myself for everything that happened yesterday. And I love everyone else unconditionally, and forgive them for everything that happened yesterday. I accept everything that happens today with grace and gratitude. (Because everything is a lesson we are learning, and when acknowledged, is a gift.)

  2. Had to laugh…I had just been to the bathroom before watching this and seen myself in the mirror in exactly the way she describes…I'm now going back to high five myself as I remind myself of the courage and tenacity it took to be able to stand there atall…not forgetting the sense of humour and love of life, I developed along the way…sending lots n' lots n' lots of Love Light and High Fives to everyone…recognise the beauty of who you are inside and out and smile…no one can resist a heartfelt smile…not even ourselves…?…???? ? ? ? ? ? ????? xxx

  3. This suggestion is truly going into my daily top 10 list of things! I thank you for this extremely effective and Sound Advice Mel; you are so awesome. Also, I would love to thank all of the people who took the initiative to leave such beautiful & intelligent comments! I want you to know if you do not believe that your recommendations did not have an impact on anyone? All of this had a profound effect on me. A waterfall begins with a drop of water.????

  4. Thank god..I never see myself in mirror and criticise..I always thank god how pretty I look without makeup on waking up..lucky I am I need not to spend time in putting makeup daily..

  5. Thank you. I so needed to hear this today. After suffering a stroke and my career path severed by the pandemic, I've been beating myself up over things I can't control. It's time to High Five myself for my accomplishments and for being alive, recovering and continuing to recover. ?❤