Meditating about Time with Eckhart Tolle | 20 Minute Meditation

Meditating about Time with Eckhart Tolle | 20 Minute Meditation

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In this 20-minute meditation, Eckhart explores the concept of time as memory and anticipation, and how we only ever experience …

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  1. What has happened to Eckhart he used to be so kind and helpful but now he's replying to peoples comments asking them to call his friends about investments. When did he swap zen for cheap scams. Such a shame.

  2. The audio is replaying with swirling tone quality; swallowing clarity, leaving pronunciation intermittent and largely unclear. Volume is also affected; decreasing.

  3. ..We live (all) in a universe
    of one,
    and the eye is the principle of discernment.
    It takes an eye,
    to see an I.
    ( seems to me that a mirror is the only thing in the universe that you can never see yourself in)
    …(hope this short note finds you well)

  4. Time is illusionary even in mathmatics it cannot stand by itself, Time being equal to distance divided by velocity T=D/V without distance or velocity time is only the NOW. ❤️ Thank you Eckhart for another great video.🙏

  5. Very interesting and important messages of Eckart as always.
    The sound quality is so much less than normal, that listening is tiring and thus difficult to follow. Very watery, blurry echoing sound. Problem with the amplification or microphone?
    I really hope a new version of this meditation in good sound quality can be presented.
    The messages are important enough to deserve this.
    I hope this is not too much asked for.

  6. Sorry, but just technically slowing and thereby distorting the speed of speech doesn't make a talk into a meditation but just a drag to listen to. What a miserable technical idea and quality! A pity for the content, but I'll find other ways to listen to Eckhart elsewhere.

  7. ET I have behave with that narratives with people around me(Relatives) I dont know whether they forgive me or not or take revenge in future