Matías De Stefano: “It's all about becoming the matrix”

Matías De Stefano: “It's all about becoming the matrix”

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“I’m telling you, the matrix is real!”

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  1. This is the same explanation I’ve heard from those that have come back from Near Death Experiences and getting as close as any of us to the Source and the truth of All. These rhetorics align on the same basis and it’s immensely enlightening.

  2. Who this young man to tell people what is the Truth… And how to think
    He forget to precise that it's only his point of vue.
    As personally I don't believe in the false story ag the evolution that denies that God has created Adam and Eve as human directly and not from a fish, tree or chimpanzee…
    What a lack of humility and manipulative spirit…

  3. Another ? with their hodgepodge of rhetoric based concepts presenting it like the Truth. It’s a shame became because there is some beautiful ideas in there. But the amount of certainty and infomercial podcaster vibe is ?

  4. Thank You, 


    The inverted half twist is the foundation of this universe.
    I really like using it, and I always go with what works. 
    That includes you.
    Yes, I am speaking directly to you. 
    This is personal:)


  5. Poor pitiful human species! Humans have never thought always copied and followed blindly and that's what brought them here who abt 7 billions are under tyranny, lies, deceptions, disease, systematic monetary system, hatred, discrimination, you name it. 221k followers? You know, this is the second video i've watched from you and since the first one, i knew you're full of….I don't know who are you working for and i don't really know your true genetic but kid, fooling the masses is not an honorable task to spend your life on. You and Gaia are deceiving the masses and lying to them and misleading them. Stop it or we will stop you. Specially you and billy the slick. First and last warning. As you wish.

  6. I thought God head is 12th dimension, because if God is 9th then Arcturians are on the same level of God head and Andromedans are higher 11th and even 12th. Something doesn't ad up. Unless he's talking about creator the divine mother. Whom Gaia daughter is. Also as I listen to this video it's like some key parts are cut and the message is distorted. ?????

  7. "Matrix" was created by Black Woman including "Terminator" and she is still alive, if you want to know more ask her. Black Intelligence has been leeching by people like you for far so long.

  8. the alien and UFO disclosure is KEY for this to happen, all else is hippy dippy nonsense. We must realize that we are in a reincarnation trap worked by reptiles mantids and other unseen forces, they've done it all over the galaxy. sure we can do it with compassion but they gotta die. we can starve them out by not having wars, not killing, not angry, etc and so on. that will kill them because they eat our negative energy. Can we raise our vibration and go within and find all the secrets of love compassion ETC and so on? Can we do it without having a motive or reason? I don't think so. I think we must all understand we are in a matrix reincarnation trap that keeps us here and that we must raise our vibration state above all war hate anger and negative emotion so that they can not feed. We need to have a REASON to do something! Read the book "Moksha from earth", and "Alien Interview" – Spencer, and utube channel forever conscious research channel. You will get some good information out of it. I guarantee it.

  9. Um, pause, weren't precious stones birthed inside of mother earth as well? Or I not the stars themselves? Does this not I spire another video??? Are you not entertained?!?!?

  10. LOL this guy is such a complete fraud and liar. Completely on the spectrum. If you listen to this guy and believe in his constructed little fantasies, that change all the time mind you, then I have real sympathy for you. Cuz this dudes a joke.

  11. I spent a week in Mojave with some people I met 2 days before. Best week of my life. One of the guys told me to read this book which reminded me of The Matrix movie but with more information. And it changed my life…so I’m paying it forward: “Man Being Volume 1: The Transmission”. It covers everything from time travel, dreams, death, the afterlife, reincarnation, extraterrestrials, portals and gateways, Vatican and Renaissance secrets, Ancient civilizations, Lemuria, Atlantis, Jesus, Sinai, Egyptians and the Pyramids, Hebrew letters, etc. Wild read. Best I’ve had in years. Highly recommend it.

  12. Simply great ! Never understood, why some so called "spiritual people" aim for 5D- unless they want to escape this world. But that´s not what we were born for. Best quote: We are only mamals. I think Matias is one of very few people, who knows what he is talking about.

    ("KEEP THEM POOR!").is this what you want?
    The elitists there paper which says our goal will be accomplished one drop at a time so as to never bring suspicion upon ourselves this will also prevent them from seeing the changes as they occur we will always stand above the relative field of their experience where know the secrets of the absolute we will work together always and will remain bound by blood and secrecy death will come to he who speaks we will keep their lifespan short and their minds weak while pretending to do the opposite when we use our knowledge of Science and Thechnology in subtle ways so they never see what is happening.)? Are you happy now YouTube!?