Mastery Of Life, Australia Retreat – Part Two

Mastery Of Life, Australia Retreat – Part Two

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  1. Почему "Eckhart"? Meister Eckhart требует от ума напряжённой работы …А этот "гуру" ваш ум растлевает…
    Сказка "Голый король" вспыхнула вновь.

  2. Something that have been stuck in my brain for a long time now, I and a few friends often discuss different topics once a week and been going very deeply to the roots of humanity, spirtuality. Been reading your book The power of now and a couple of other spritual books but seems like my brain like most is trying to figure out stuff and I love to question everything to spin on things to an extent when there is no answer to it. So we were talking about enlightment and different paths to it. My friends felt like the way that felt most right for them were through improvement. working on yourself observing everything from a outer perspective, I see life from that angle but after reading a lot of people getting stucked to personas etc, couldn't "the now" be seen as a persona to escape from everything like I understand most people get to enlightment and been heavily depressed, might that be one way to it? you get enough and the only way to stay alive is to be in the now and escape or you don't even have to be depressed your thoughts just tripples on eachother. What I mean by all off this is if you escape through "the now" and not questioning things you start to enjoy life more but in your uncounscious you have this underlying sadness, is enlightment just a escape? I really appreciate peoples opinions on this so feel free to free to this comment! Thank you so much!

  3. Who is "loosing the present moment"? Me or my person? 🙂 It is nothing wrong with having ones persons mind aware and focused on the present. But is our self ever not present? Is'nt presence and awareness its own nature? Just a side note to remember, mentioned by a persons mind, playing the discrimination-game. Love! TK

  4. Help required !!My four year relationship with a woman that i love deeply has ended,, im devastated ,,ive had two cans of skol super %9 alcohol,,and i feel that i can cope,,the feeling comes from my stomach,,Eckharts feeling comes from his whole body,,no wonder he feels good all the time,,but i know that when i go to bed and awaken in the morning,i will be back in my dis-pare,,,Ive done the dishes consciously,,ive been totally alone for a month now,,,and being in the now doesn't help,,only alcohol does,,,,genuine helpful comments would be really appreciated,,,,,,,have you been there? ,, have you been abandoned by someone that you have worshiped the ground they walk on ?