Master the Art of Fat Loss: The 4 habits you need to know to lose weight

Master the Art of Fat Loss: The 4 habits you need to know to lose weight

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  1. When is comes to calories, it’s important to note that natural whole food creates a healthy hormonal response, processed food does the opposite. So caloric intake is mostly impacted by the type of food you eat. This is explained in the book The Obesity Code.

  2. the FDA allows American food companies to put a lot of processed sugars and seed oils into the crap they call "food". My advice, stick to the edges. Fruits, veggies, meat/fish and dairy. You trying to tell me some baked Chicken and broccoli with a nice cheese sauce won't fill you up?

  3. This is no Rocket Science just Wait 6 hours after You get up before You Eat anything. and Your Body will eat Your Fat its called Fasting. done by humans for over 40 years.
    And Avoid Sugar as much as You can. 45 minutes of Sport every 2 nd day also helps A LOT. Before You go to Bed at night Eat only Protein meaning Red Meat Eggs of Yoghurt.
    cause the Body cant transform that into Fat.

  4. A girl i know went to the gym once and worked out with weights and she woke up the next morning and looked like an open class female IFBB bodybuilder. Be careful ladies, you WILL blow up like a body builder if you touch those weights. Just stay home and eat macdonalds. It's waaaay safer.

  5. So am I to understand from her case studies at the end that these clients are only eating between 800 or 1100 calories a day? I always have been told not to eat under 1200 cal a day?

  6. The calories deficit does not matter. Most importantly, stop eating sugar and any food with added sugar. Stop drinking soft drinks and natural juices. Stop eating bread, pastries, cookies etc (any food with starch). Then you'll loss fat like never before. Well, if you add to this intermittent fasting, then you'll be amazed.

  7. 10000 steps a day is the most difficult to achieve if you have a full time high intensity desk job (especially if you work from home) and you weigh 145 kgs so you can hardly leave the house anyway.

  8. I've lost 108lb in 10 months on a low carb + carnivore diet. Reversed all metabolic illnesses and I had all of them at the extreme level.
    56 yo, BP 130/80 , resting HR 56, A1c 5.6. Current weight 228lb 70lbs to go.

  9. Garbage. The 500 kcal deficit daily does not equate to 4lb fat loss. It actually results in a 500kcal LOWER daily energy expenditure (DEE).

    It's not a static thermodynamic system. Energy expenditure DEPENDS on the energy consumed and when you drop calories in, calories out goes down and does not necessarily mean fat loss. The CICO model has been debunked so many times.

    The critical things are: what you eat and how often you eat. Food contains information the body uses to decide what to do with the energy contained

    Anyway, calorie deficits don't work and that's been known for 100+ years

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