Master Chunyi Lin: "This was kept secret in the Taoist practice" – MasteryTV

Master Chunyi Lin: "This was kept secret in the Taoist practice" – MasteryTV

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You’ll Be Amazed After Watching This!

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  1. Huh. This is the closest to an explanation for what happened to me that I ever heard. I was out in a hot tent, playing a disc of nature sounds on my stereo, praying to Jehovah for healing, and- because I had read a couple of things about people using scientific methods to tell fat what to do in different ways and I decided to try it by just talking to my fat- feeling my fat on my belly, upper back, etc. and directing it to burn up or melt and flow out of me. And, then, I told some of it to change and become fat for breasts instead of for other places in my body.

    And, I lost a whole lot of weight, very quickly but for once did not lose over half my breast size in the process; but, in fact, ended up having to buy a bra with a much smaller band size but a much larger cup size. And, my hair grew out really long. Which I think had something to do with telling my gut to heal.

    This was not something I could keep doing, because my family likes to stress me out a lot and they took the tent down.

    Now, I was also eating more vegetables and a lot of limes. But, I was not really dieting, And, I tried eating more vegetables which did result in fairly fast weight loss, but nowhere near as fast as that time, and I tried using limes again, and I tried meditation of a more just stress relieving sort. But, yeah .. I think it is true, that I had really been directing my body what to do.

  2. I am all for this (Qi Gong) and I can feel the energy too but, I am a Type 1 diabetic and I have not heard about anyone being able to heal themselves of this lifelong sentence. I have had it for 45 years now, as the doctors thought I have had it since birth but didn't find out until I was 2 years old. So, it is more than likely too late to try to cure this. I do have a condition in my hands that is the result of having T1 diabetes for so long, it is called Diabetic Cheiroarthropathy. And, OMG it is so painful sometimes! it is also known as diabetic stiff hand syndrome. If there are some Qi Gong exercises I can do for this condition, I will be ever so glad to know how to do them, if there are any useful exercises for this? Thank you.

  3. I heard Yoga is demonic 😳✌🏽 im good I’ll rather open the Bible and get my vibration flowing threw the word of the most high Amen…😇🙏🏽♥️

  4. This channel is just to gain utube celebrity status. These days many wannabes avail themselves with all sorts of connotations and westerners are suckers for oriental arts.
    Of cos the life force called QI is readily available in all living things. To feel or to control qi is an entirely different matter. To know qi in an instant is pure gimmick to trick gullible ppl.
    It takes a period of practice, meditation and a change of habit to achieve any level of mastery.

  5. I don't know about this
    But in my case nothing happened
    Real life nothing happened
    So I n my experience this is not true
    So I don't believe it

  6. I use heart 7 chakra to sleep with sciatica and as sceptical as I was ,it works and can't remember knodding off since beginning this nightly ritual with daily exercise flossing nerve sleeping with 5 pillows and using magnesium naproxen vitamin b12 after 6 months of agony it's finally dissipating FINALLY hope this helps anyone dealing with sciatica in lower back down to ankle your not alone learn your body anatomy in my opinion don't use heat packs it just exacerbates the pain and chiropractors have no consensus on treatments and guesstimate until you can afford an mri ,,,this goes with that $

  7. This may not be the right place to post this reply but it is similar. I suffer from Bipolar mania and a manic state is like being in a world that looks lucid and vivid, but one in which all your awareness turns into yourself and this awareness seems to cycle the thought mind into great speeds and has its sensitivities and worries heightened that come along with otherwise beauty and bliss, at the visual and feeling realm. (Unless you're a smoker like myself).
    Anyways I had a panic attack with mania for about 2 weeks and the thing that shocked me was that when I went outside I remembered about Mudras, positions the hand and fingers are put into to hold concentration or a mood, and it really effected my mood. It almost feels as if this posture has a mirroring effect to another part of the body based on our circulation that takes place inside of the Torus field of the heart. A subtle body if you will. I guess another way to reason it is that the thumb to ring finger is delicate while other poses, postures or madras require more strength, thus having that effect.
    Gurus, monks, and Taoist practicioners who engage autonomous and manual breathing are probably entering states of self awareness that connect with what anxiety sufferers feel except the context differs, they are quite contrasting physiologically but there are some similarities I would say.

  8. God has blessed you! Focus on the future. Tough times don't last, but tough people do. Release the negative and accept the positive. Be grateful for everything you have. Stay strong. Sending love your way.

  9. Health is simple. Western pharma with all their complicated naming of ailments with even more complicated naming of medicine makes living healthy complex.

  10. This was one of the first things I learned when I learned qigong when I was 13. Engaging the hands pulls blood along the meridians which supports the body’s natural healing capacity. It’s what I teach in my own qigong classes.

  11. "I am" said God. He said basically believe and you are. We heal. Watch the plants they heal themselves. We do same. We can, just love and trust and respect what God made. Call it the universe no matter. But believe there is.