Lost in India at 5 Years Old, Saroo Brierley spent 25 Years Trying to Find His Family | Goalcast – MasteryTV – masterytv.com

Lost in India at 5 Years Old, Saroo Brierley spent 25 Years Trying to Find His Family | Goalcast – MasteryTV – masterytv.com

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5-year-old Saroo Brierley woke up on a train heading 2,000km away from his home in India & thought he’d never see his family again. Accidentally orphaned, an Australian family adopted him but Saroo couldn’t let go of the thought that his family mighty still be alive. 25 years later, he embarked on a quest to find the truth and what happens next is truly unbelievable.
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  1. Heroes here are those Australian couple who adopted both boys and raised them as their own blood. What can incredible story of sheru. I feel he was destined. Because not many a children who are lost have such fate to be adopted by an Australian couple, then find their birth home after 24 years. Thats truly amazing. It's not just any survival tale. He is really a Lion.

  2. Kamala/Fatima is truly a strong woman. She stayed where they had been when she lost two sons on the same day. She found the fate of one; but not the other. That unknown latter would drive most insane. I suppose her two existing children kept her together to this eventual happy reunion.

  3. It can only be God, heaven and destiny that connected him and his adopted parents. His biological mother couldn't provide for them and many cultures like in Africa and Asia would hardly give their child up for adoption, no matter how hard life is. So destiny took it's costs.

  4. I wondering what a wise mind these adopting mother and father have.they give everything for a child which is not their blood.raise him feed him everything and after that helping them find his biological roots even though knowing that he may go to his biological parents.heart of gold they have.like god's on earth .I don't think I will not be able to take a risk of losing any thing which I took care of.

  5. who is searching saroo's real video after watching the movie??
    just mind blowing story. I couldn't stop crying watching the ending part of the movie. tears came out automatically.
    m from Bangladesh, take love ❤️

  6. I've been watching the amazing story for so many times.i love both saroo's mother.i've been crying so much everytime,especially the meeting of saroo and his biological mother. Love u people.

  7. Humanity at its best and highest level. Love made everything possible, Closest Brother Care, adoption of homeless child, New parents support n love in Australia, Natural parents hope n love. Lastly acceptance and putting faith in outcome of life. Real Love is service to others physically, emotionally, financially with faith in supreme lord.

  8. I have just finished watching 'Lion' movie😭😭😭.. I cried in whole movie😭😭😭😭.. He has struggled so much that finally he got the happiness by two mothers🥲🥲🥲…