LIVE LIFE ON YOUR TERMS – Les Brown – MasteryTV –

LIVE LIFE ON YOUR TERMS – Les Brown – MasteryTV –

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  1. You are freaking hilarious my man. I first heard you on your Georgia Dome speech, and wow I've been a fan ever since. Wishing you blessings of love, flow, and abundance for you and your family.

  2. Hi, the only thing which people, are care about, is , honestly, and if you’re able to give them ,that , believe, then , they’re, starts to trusting you, and listen, to, you , this is not, strategy, this is true, and , takes hard work , because, first of all, you should find true self with in you , which is so difficult, because if you’ll be able to reaching in to that stage, then you, listening to your coaches, and, the others, but , you acting, and listening to your inner voices !

  3. Thanks for these shorter version short and spicy, I got story motivative one too I will start to share Thanks Les you are a good corner stone worthwhile emulating again Thanks

  4. I will never not listen to every Les Brown recording I can find. Thank you for the direction. Thank you for helping me find my purpose, and thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us all. You are invaluable to me Les Brown.

  5. 🥰❤️🤣😂 You are the BEST!
    I also enjoy watching and listening to Shuler King
    Working on finding my purpose 🙏🏽
    Listening to you talk has touched my heart 💜 ❤️💜❤️