LES BROWN – I CAN, I WILL, I MUST! ► The Only Motivational Video You Need To Watch – MasteryTV

LES BROWN – I CAN, I WILL, I MUST! ► The Only Motivational Video You Need To Watch – MasteryTV

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Speakers: Les Brown, J.K Rowling

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  1. Forklift Driver, I can do that, I just earned my licence!

    Warehouse companies: we require 1+ years worth of FLT EXP.

    Me: Dude I'm fresh off the banana boat…

  2. Unless you live so cautiously you might as well not live at all ; in which case you failed my default ! “. Wow was that a wake up call for me and I’ve been slowly chipping away at my dream ! Thank you for this video it’s saved my life .. literally

  3. I want to become a world famous writer and change people's lives through my words. I want to use them for the power of good. I want to raise a family. And I want to travel the world, meeting new people and ideas everyday, experiencing new cultures and learning every minute of my life.
    I want to be more than average.
    What's your dream?

  4. I always wanted to become a pro skateboarder ever since I was five years old but I feel like I sacrificed way to much, I stopped talking to girls, friends and even family. I'm only 16 with amazing skill on the skateboard. I recently started talking to people again but I feel like they don't like me because I'm a skateboarder or maybe I have really bad personality issues but It's hard being lonely but I just know I will be a SLS Champion

  5. Hey i am 24 and would turn 25 on june 28. i am learning music and people say i cant as its too late but i think i can. i will upload my first music cover on my birthday. i hope to see you guys at my channel. i believe i can do it

  6. To define yourself and your concept of how things are by who you were puts yourself under restraint. Don't drive your car with your eyes fixed always in the rear-view mirror to tell you what to do. In order to become who you are, you going to have to die. Who you were before will always be with you, but who you will become starts right now. You're much more than you think you are, you're more capable than it might seem.

  7. Thank you Motivation Grid , thank you very much .You helped me so much during rough times in my iit jee preparation it was only because of you that i was able to persist through those times. You are doing great Awesome work for others.So just a thanksgiving to you.
    (Dont mind the words go on the emotions)

  8. @MotivationGrid…i would love to see a motivation vid using poker as the visual theme. Never seen 1 b4 but poker players watch a lot of these as we need motivation 🙂

  9. Why in the fucking hell is every single goddamn motivational video show nothing but athletes?! 90% of the shit people deal with hasn't got a damn thing to do with sports. It really just takes away from the message when all I see is a bunch of people get paid hundreds of thousands if not millions to play a fucking game. How bout military/law enforcement/mental health/hard times in life/real life? Would that be so much to ask for people? It's always about "Believe in yourself! You don't know your potential!" Shit with nothing but actors in movies and athletes in the gym. Society is too much into sports it's ridiculous!