Learning to Suffer Consciously | Eckhart Tolle

Learning to Suffer Consciously | Eckhart Tolle

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In this talk, Eckhart shares how we can learn from suffering in our lives, and how it can bring consciousness and awakening.

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  1. There is such a peace that I feel every time I listen to Eckhart. Him and his messages are the biggest resonance in my life right now. I am truly grateful. God bless you all ❤️

  2. Hmm its all well and good but I think its more complex than that. I could have avoided something that would scar me for my entire life. Regret will always be there for my potential being minimized. And I attracted things, entities and whatnot. Life is MORE complicated than eckard makes it seem

  3. Hello people !
    It has been for more than ten years that I am experiencing heaviness, burning sensation and a feeling like it a constant contraction and pressure in my pelvic area, stomch and pressure in my head.

    I have had traumatic life events and alot of anxious period in my life and this feeling is really disturbing.
    If any of you has an idea what is this about, I will be grateful.

  4. I am a 53 year old female living in Spain. I would love to connect with new friends of my age and above who enjoy Eckhart Tolle´s teachings and Nondualism to exchange, share and discuss. 🙏

  5. Being an empath you suffer every day consciously. When he says it’s too because I can barely find my ego self anymore. Beauty and strength comes out a great suffering.

  6. There was a very strange feature in this case, strange because of its extremely rare occurrence. This man had once been brought to the scaffold in company with several others, and had had the sentence of death by shooting passed upon him for some political crime. Twenty minutes later he had been reprieved and some other punishment substituted; but the interval between the two sentences, twenty minutes, or at least a quarter of an hour, had been passed in the certainty that within a few minutes he must die. I was very anxious to hear him speak of his impressions during that dreadful time, and I several times inquired of him as to what he thought and felt. He remembered everything with the most accurate and extraordinary distinctness, and declared that he would never forget a single iota of the experience. ‘About twenty paces from the scaffold, where he had stood to hear the sentence, were three posts, fixed in the ground, to which to fasten the criminals (of whom there were several). The first three criminals were taken to the posts, dressed in long white tunics, with white caps drawn over their faces, so that they could not see the rifles pointed at them. Then a group of soldiers took their stand opposite to each post. My friend was the eighth on the list, and therefore he would have been among the third lot to go up. A priest went about among them with a cross: and there was about five minutes of time left for him to live. ‘He said that those five minutes seemed to him to be a most interminable period, an enormous wealth of time; he seemed to be living, in these minutes, so many lives that there was no need as yet to think of that last moment, so that he made several arrangements, dividing up the time into portions—one for saying farewell to his companions, two minutes for that; then a couple more for thinking over his own life and career and all about himself; and another minute for a last look around. He remembered having divided his time like this quite well. While saying good- bye to his friends he recollected asking one of them some very usual everyday question, and being much interested in the answer. Then having bade farewell, he embarked upon those two minutes which he had allotted to looking into himself; he knew beforehand what he was going to think about. He wished to put it to himself as quickly and clearly as possible, that here was he, a living, thinking man, and that in three minutes he would be nobody; or if somebody or something, then what and where? He thought he would decide this question once

    for all in these last three minutes. A little way off there stood a church, and its gilded spire glittered in the sun. He remembered staring stubbornly at this spire, and at the rays of light sparkling from it. He could not tear his eyes from these rays of light; he got the idea that these rays were his new nature, and that in three minutes he would become one of them, amalgamated somehow with them. ‘The repugnance to what must ensue almost immediately, and the uncertainty, were dreadful, he said; but worst of all was the idea, ‘What should I do if I were not to die now? What if I were to return to life again? What an eternity of days, and all mine! How I should grudge and count up every minute of it, so as to waste not a single instant!’ He said that this thought weighed so upon him and became such a terrible burden upon his brain that he could not bear it, and wished they would shoot him quickly and have done with it.’ ❤

  7. The Suffering i experience is immense so if i am not always focused on my breath, i feel heavy panic and fear, wanting to end my life etc. Yet i know i am aware of this. I know i AM, Awareness. But i can't handle anything in the physical realm, work, food, being independent. As soon as i am not focused on breath and really IN the Now. I want the body to just die so the suffering ends.
    NOW is the only awnser, but i can't function at all in this random planet.

    This feels like an awakening ego death. So painful.

  8. Definitely we’ll said I’m sure a lot of people look back and say I should of did this or could of did that but those mess ups got you to this present moment which if you look around I’m sure you can find many things to be grateful for, for one just for being alive today when so many people died during Covid, so us being alive today is a blessing, things could always be alot worse so being grateful even for the littlest of things is key. God is always there, it’s us that do not focus on the light and turn away from him, today is the day to start to walk the way of the Lord and focus on what really matters eternal life with God and the ones we love nothing else matters.

  9. Eckhart is teaching Theravada Buddhism look up any Ajahn on youtube and you'll hear eckhart repeating the words of the Buddha but acting as if these are his realizations. Yet he is saying religion is hiding spiritual knowledge! Not Buddhism. Look up Ajahn Sumedho on youtube, see for yourself the truth of my words.

  10. I have a problem, I suffer mostly at night and after watching Eckharts videos my depression and anxiety has lessened immensely during the day however when practice these techniques at night I am still overcome with waves of fear and panic. I can calm myself by shifting my awareness until I get to the point I’m right on the cusp of sleep then I get jolted awake by another electric wave of anxiety and fear. I try to ask myself what am I really afraid of? I think it’s fear of going too deep inside myself and realising there’s something I can’t control and something I don’t fully understand….I’m afraid of entering the abyss of my subconscious and not being able to get back out, It’s like a phobia because I know when I sleep at night I’m entering that place and I will face things I’m so afraid of so I have trouble surrendering to sleep. I’m so exhausted I feel like I can’t take it anymore.