Learning from dirty jobs | Mike Rowe

Learning from dirty jobs | Mike Rowe

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Mike Rowe the host of “Dirty Jobs,” tells some compelling (and horrifying) real-life job stories. Listen for his insights and observations about the nature of hard work, and how its been unjustifiably degraded in society today.

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  1. The testicals story goes to show that the experts are usually wrong. Noah's Ark was built by amateurs. The TITANIC was built by professionals. Think about that for a moment.

  2. On the remodel and rebuilding of the 110 year old house I used to live in, from 2010 to 2014, most of the tradesmen I knew from church growing up and was friends with. Our plumber was this guy who was an apprentice to his older, taller brother on the remodel of my parents house in 2001. The older brother died, and young George had to take over. He stood 5 feet tall, skinny, and needed a step ladder to reach the pipes on a 7 foot basement ceiling. 12 years down the line, and we still call him for our plumbing issues. He's still skinny.

  3. Oddly enough now trade school is more applicable now over traditional college. Man foresaw the future. Swapped from marine bio (my passion) to machinist.

  4. Great lecture about the value of job, any job. There are things to be done to get the society going, and no job is really dirty if a person is not forced into it.
    His conservative bias was also shown ridiculing Hilary talking to steel workers but I guess trump’s idiotic image to consider himself at home with the working men and women is okay with him as if trump has any fucking idea how a carpet layer feels at the end of the day.

  5. I have a lot of respect for Mr. Rowe. A lot of our work has become increasingly meaningless because money has become the yardstick for everything. Job satisfaction, work ethics, doing the right thing always seem to stand in the way of the next promotion. I worked the overwhelming majority of my career, 50 years, in middle and upper management making a very good salary. But my "good" work dreams are those of the five years I was in the construction industry, driving trucks, cutting steel, hard manual labor. My "bad" work dreams are of the office, wandering around with faceless people trying to find my office but unable to because of the never-ending restructuring, downsizing, and job changes du jour. My last job paid me very well for someone who did little outside of reading emails and attending pointless meetings all day. For too many of us, working in America has lost it balance. I hope we've learned that going into debt for just any college degree is not the solution for a happy and long career. Maybe we can also find, or rediscover, another motivator simply besides the pursuit of wealth.

  6. This man is a legend! Been watching dirty jobs forever on discovery. My mum and I loved watching him all the time! Such a character!

  7. I've always said that anyone that says "that's not my job" or "I'm above that" doesn't deserve to have any work at all..(yet for some reason those ones are always the ones that get the promotions etc. >.>)

  8. I just got back from my first day at my trade school that I’m going for welding in it makes me feel honored to be part of the the workforce that keeps us comfortable

  9. because of mike rowe i decided te apply at a truck factory. best damn decision of my life. awesome coworkers, fair bosses, good wage. i'm happy as can be! everybody told me i needed to reach my "potential", in other words, get an education. i tried and failed. now i work at a factory and outwork most of my coworkers. did i mention my sweet paycheck?

  10. Unfortunately Mike is not for the working class, anti $15 min wage and anti union, wears that phoney baseball cap; never did a dirty job in his life and now takes money from the Koch bros. & is a Fox fav; just like the Republicans, he is AGAINST the working class, wake up

  11. Mike Rowe pretends to be an advocate for the working person but then he preaches “safety third.” I’ve been an Electrician for 20 years and have been on two jobs that had deaths, one electrocution and one crushed by an excavator. It’s a terrible thing that I am sure he has never experienced. Engineers used to estimate the number of deaths for a project because the workers were as disposable and replaceable as equipment. Hoover Dam came in under estimate at 96 deaths. Now, because of safety first it’s relatively rare to have a dead on a major project. Many people get to go home alive because of safety first. And no, back in the good ol’ days when men were disposable they weren’t getting rich either. The owner were getting rich just like today but the workers were not.

  12. Obama wanted to make community college free, many of which have trades programs. I know nothing is really free but I think education is a very worthwhile investment for society.