Katelyn Ohashi: How Body Shaming Drove World's Best Gymnast To Quit | Goalcast

Katelyn Ohashi: How Body Shaming Drove World's Best Gymnast To Quit | Goalcast

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✪ Top USA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi was the best gymnast in the world… until she became the target of relentless body shaming from her coach and social media. The elite gymnastics industry is notorious for body shaming, and when coach Valorie Kondos took over at UCLA, Katelyn rebelled against the stereotypes and her revenge went viral!
This is what REALLY goes on in the competitive gymnastics culture…

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  1. They are jealous baby doll. Wish they could do what you do sweetie pie. Baby girl hold your head up beautiful. Let's the evil speakers words fall to the ground. Do you boo. Keep smiling 🤣

  2. Honestly they were just so jealous of her because she was one of the best gymnast. I bet you all those people body shaming her can't do everything katelyn can do, a bunch of jealous haters.

  3. As a black man we call that thick, ain’t nothing in the world wrong with having cake 🍑🍑……I guess the moral of the study is to not listen to the negative talk.