Jordan Maxwell: Eagle Symbolism ?

Jordan Maxwell: Eagle Symbolism ?

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  1. ???…
    I followed th' Eagle of outstretched wings all th' way back to th' Quoz th' God of th' ancient Edomites.

    Interestingly enough…
    On ur dollar bill, he takes th' same pose as th' Millennium Falcon of upper Masr often seen carrying symbols in both talons.

  2. I respectfully disagree .. I am a native American 10th generation and eagle spirit has meaning for me long before this country had a monitary system , or any country for that matter . Just saying

  3. The eagle also when it needs to renew his strength will go to a place where he plugs all his feathers break it’s beak and removes it’s claws very painful process the eagle is renew when he finish the process and is able to live longer