Jim Kwik: “I will teach you skills that you’ll have for the rest of your life”

Jim Kwik: “I will teach you skills that you’ll have for the rest of your life”

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


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  1. Well, many of us have multitasking as the #1 priority of the job, being required to flip & switch between 1 task & another, 1 client & another, 1 problem & another. And, some of those issues are daily, not a one & done. Not everyone can choose to avoid multitasking like a boss… we're the employees… multitasking is the job, in many cases. It might be why I'm so depleted of energy at the end of day, I can't answer a simple question, like "How are you?" Ah, I don't know what that means after a breakneck day of twisting & turning & a now empty tank & stunned brain.

    And, pep talks are nice, but dude, not everyone has a genius inside of them. Come on now. You have to want to better yourself and/or learn by reading books. Many don't care about the former 2, so why bother… TV is good enough for them, or any kind of escapism… drinking, p0rn, drugs, gluttony of all kinds. I'm surrounded by those types of people all day, everyday, unfortunately. The go getters are sales people who are only following me around stores to try to rope me in.

    Let out the genius? I'm just tryin' to pay the rent. Each day is deplete tank, each night is pass out & try to recover to do it again. Who has time or energy for anything else?

  2. 7:12 how are you gonna be PROACTIVE if you get yourself into reactive mode first ?

    I have struggled with this a lot especially with so much going on in the world! I would be overwhelmed on what I haven’t done, instead of focusing on what I can do and just doing it instead of reacting to everything mainly through wasteful emotions 😅

  3. I almost stopped when he said "brain doctor" at the beginning. You really need a tolerance for crap-talk if you want to extract some interesting ideas from Youtube videos.

  4. there is no way in hell you're going to tell me that juggling 10-15 businesses, doing signups, registrations, setting up appointments, doing zoom calls , helping people with the absolute best solar power systems for free , helping homeowners to get a full roof for just the price of their deductible. I do this all day every day all year long and am very very focused ! why? because I know my why! I know that I have my children to raise in a decent environment, I know that I have a beautiful wife that I must provide for , and help to get her out of working overnight because she's 8 month pregnant and the only way for me to rescue both her and my children from this wild world we live in is by multitasking ! so don't tell me it isn't possible this is my world my friend!

  5. I'm a music producer. The best songs I've written are in the shower. True 😊 Fist part of the day needs to be right to get the whole day straight. "Meditate on God's word day and night, and you will be successful '

  6. Ok so how do you easily get out of Alpha state. Because i sit there staring at peeling orange for an hour when people are talking to me until someone says do you even hear me? Oh sorry I didn't mean to not listen it just didn't register to me that you were looking for my attention. A positive about it is I basically became a polymath. I know SOME about a LOT of subjects and if I don't if someone asks me I happily learn for them and disseminate the information to them. However the list of negatives is so long and severe that I do not want to even remotely get into it.

    Thats where I am most any day most all day. Very hyper focused, very timid and quiet, very, VERY little talking with my voice.

    For the record I do have neurodivergence from abusive/neglectful/rape abused growing up. Primarily Bipolar thats majority depressive. But I have a few panic attacks a month too and sometimes week or two of manias that cause hyper hyper super duper mega hyper focusing on stream of thought things but I end up writing 11-15 5 paragraph essays worth of just details on stuff I wouldn't normally care about. But EXTERNALLY it all shows up more or less the same way to everyone around me. (Except for panic attacks cuz I start shaking bad, buggy eyed, have visible weakness)

  7. Ah, so your advice is not for neuro-atypical people. It's not 'dementia' if one is using their phone for functions that their brain can't do well. It's called coping with technology. Otherwise, this feels like a gimmick — "hype yourself up" is what I got out of this….

  8. I have Fibro, and my fatigue and brain fog are pathological. And I just want to say, ALL OF THIS HELPS. Even if you have a pathology with fatigue, the techniques here I already know work brilliantly. Bravo! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  9. This dude spent 9 minutes saying "don't look at your phone in the first hour" and practically nothing else. Just constant beating around the bush. For what? To sell his masterclass of course!

    He may be a brilliant dude, but this video is next to fucking worthless.

  10. I wish more coaches would mention that a lot of these things just don't do shit for people with ADHD etc. so that more people can get diagnosed and get access to therapy and medication instead of just feeling like a failure. If you're nd, don't measure yourself by nt standards.

  11. I write commercial songs, and at least half of the stuff I come up with is when I, now, intentionally limit myself to 4 hours 45 minutes of sleep. I am more focused on where to go next in my song because my brain doesn't wander off as its too tired to! Sometimes being sleepy helps. I digress though in saying I'm really energetic with 7-8 hours that I usually get. Too much sometimes, like shaky until later in the day.

  12. Lock yourself in an isolation chamber for the first hour of the day. Thoughts might trigger you to be reactive, so don't even think. And you definitely don't want to see any friends or family, because not only are they on their phones, but they can also have an agenda and make you become reactive too.

    Also, some people use their phones for real interactions, not just Facebook and Twitter… "Well, 1 hour until I can use my phone, hopefully no one needs me for anything."

  13. 2:28… I remember before retiring back in 2007 that just about every employment ad would say… 'must be able to multi-task.' I used to hate that because I new how ridiculous it was. Switching from one task to another breaks your focus… then you have to get reacclimated every time you go back. This is the first time I've seen my contempt for multi-tasking validated by someone.

  14. I have struggled with multitasking below my peers for my whole life. 15 years ago, when I was a laboratory technician, I could not properly bring a whole section up and running in time when it was a holiday shift and it was just me. It made me feel like garbage. It made me feel defective. It had nothing to do with me not knowing what I was doing, but it felt like everyone else could keep 15 other balls in the air.

    But, then, if I can't task switch like the average technician or technologist without adding to my error rate, then am I deficient in something?

  15. If you think a phone is just a tool for cat videos and likes, you're severely misjudging it's utility.

    My phone is the first thing I check in the morning because it gives me all the information I need to start the day productively.

    Where do you think I keep my "to do list"?

    Take notes, check notes, research, learn, request, remind others, inquire are all proactive tasks done in a phone when not on a computer.

    Yes, checking emails is a reactive action; it's also an essential part of running a business. It also means getting responses to your own inquires; otherwise, you're misusing it.