Jim Carrey – We Are Connected (Motivational Speech)

Jim Carrey – We Are Connected (Motivational Speech)

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Jim Carrey – We Are Connected (Motivational Speech & Video)

Perfect Words spoken by Jim Carrey & Jeff Lieberman

Music & Video by www.iamFearlessSoul.com
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We are absolutely connected, there is no question about it to me.
There is no separation. That’s been physically proven by science.

I think everybody’s looking for something that they already have.
And I think the reason that we don’t notice it
is because we are so distracted
by the human levels of our experience
that we fail to notice what is always sitting beneath

Because you might not actually be what you think you are.

The fact that we are already enlightened, we are already complete
and it’s just realizing that you’re complete.
Once you realize you’re complete then this life
and everything in it becomes aplay of form.

And yet the one thing that remains is this feeling of existence.
‘I AM’ remains.
This feeling of ‘I AM’
And what I find when I sit in that state is that what my identity is, whatever it is, isbeyond perception.It can not be perceived.

Maybe I’m not a human being that has consciousness.
Maybe I’m consciousness that is shaped into a human being.
Einstein said that thoughts suffer from an optical illusion of consciousness.
This illusion that there is a separate person inside an environment,
when in reality it’s just energy in motion everywhere.

And just like an ocean is water in motion, we can call a certain part of that ocean a wave
but it gives us the illusion that the wave is a separate entity in the ocean.
But a wave is not in the ocean, a wave is the ocean.
And similarly, we might not be waves, maybe we’re the ocean.

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