Jim Carrey On “Awakening”

Jim Carrey On “Awakening”

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  2. When I was 14 years old, I had a strange, but amazing experience…I was in the classroom with everyone around, talking and laughing, and suddenly I found myself out of space and time, like a witness…I could see myself, others, I could hear everything live…I was observing everything without judging. Then, at 18, I was in clinical death, caused by a severe pain that stopped my heart from beating, and I saw my body on the bed, and I thought "aw, that's my form, here I've been living, in this body", and I felt so light and at peace with everything, a feeling I can't compare to anything. I also heard a voice that told me to take it easy, and it was so kind and patient, like a parent talking to his child. When the doctors woke me up, I started crying, feeling that pain again, and the first thing I said was "why didn't you let me go home?" I can't erase this from my mind, because after that, I started to believe in something…And I know I'm still a fool, but it means a lot to me to be given a second chance to live.

    I just wanted to share this with someone 🤍

  3. I went thru my awakening that lasted for several months after a major car wreck. I kept notes and filled about 45 notebooks. I will never be the same.

  4. This is exactly what vedanta says.. You are not the body, not the mind. You are the pure consciousness who manifests itself as this entire universe, hence you are one with the universe.

  5. Yeah, I was one with the Universe for three days, then gradually slid back to the ego mind. I can relate to what Eckart and Jim describe, just not sure how Eckart stayed in that mindset for so long.

  6. people can't tell what you are thinking but they can tell if you act weird around them which KIND of gives away what you're thinking right ? our behaviour shows this..behaviour is not easy to hide… sometimes especially if we are nervous around someone

  7. Why present moment is so elusive and weak
    Why consciousness is so fickle and weak mind dominates easily and thoughts take over!!!???
    Illusion is also real happening to you!!!!
    The freedom he felt is realization that he is conscious observer of the mind and emotions and thoughts 💭

  8. When I hug my shadow self the Light heals it.
    My father taught me something at nine years old that would lay the groundwork to a most solid belief system for me.
    The true war that man suffers from is the war between his 2 ears. It is wear the manifestation plant resides.
    My father told me to never choose Hate. And I asked him to explain. He told me he wanted me to be the example, my father said to tell him I hate. So I raised my hand and said "I" and my father stopped me for a moment and said, when you say "I" you and you alone are making a claim
    Then he said continue so I raise my hand and said I Hate as I was pointing to my Heart. And he said don't you know acid destroys the container it is placed in.

    (I am not a writer so excuse how this was written)
    Sending great Light and love

  9. "I was everything and everyone…and ever since that day… I've been trying to get back there. It comes and goes." Staying in that state is a challenge.

  10. Everything my soul is feeling but can't articulate Jim spoke…thank you so much for sharing. I had this awakening on august 8th, 2020 after a year of meditation and spiritual work and would love to share and guide people to this infinite love thats within us all. The wave metaphor is bittersweet, I know too well. Love you all

  11. I've had a spiritual awakening recently. It's the most amazing feeling. And to know Jim had that same feeling brings me joy. I wish every human in earth could feel it.

  12. I have just been through my own awakening after intense trauma. This video is spot on. Already after that first moment of realizing "me" it has been lost and found several times. Each time it comes back though, if you study yourself and reflect really deeply on wanting that as your goal…I feel we can in fact live in an Eckhart Tollian world one day. I didn't know who he was before my awakening. I found him through research into myself. This speaks volumes about the truth of his viewpoint. A viewpoint I share.

  13. Same thing happened to me. It was sudden, like my whole brain and being suddenly opemed up and shedded all reaistance and fear. I looked at the world  through different glasses during those few days that it lasted. But when I started researching on the internet about awakening and spiritual things, basically trying to make sense rationally of what was happening to me, it started to drift off somehow..the "magic" slowly dissapeared. Then one morning when I was in between "ration" and the awakening state, a very weird place to be, a kind of fear started kicking. Something I never experienced before, it was a different animal. I thought I would go insane..and stay insane in that moment. I tried my best to cling to "reality" (as my brain new it at least), because eveeything else was too different and strange for me to comprehend. It gradually then went away, both the fear and the dettachment state itself, and I went back to normal. But something changed in me, something subtle, and yet everything. It started some kind of spiritual journey I am.on, I dont know where it will lead…but I feel I am on the right path somehow.

  14. I would love to take as many as I can the problem is, people have been deeply indoctrinated and programmed that it make it difficult to help them. I plant seeds of information if they ask, I let them see how Im living and when they ask me why are you always so happy, I tell them, I found my peace, within my heart when I meditate and that my friends has helped me. my life has changed for the better and I am grateful to the creator(s) we don't know for sure but I do know that we are being guided at least those who are seeking the truth are being guided.