It's Never Too Late (No Regrets) Motivational Video

It's Never Too Late (No Regrets) Motivational Video

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Many people fail to go after what they want in life because they think their best days are behind them. It’s NEVER TOO LATE to create your best ever life. No matter what age you are, no matter how many past failures, it is NEVER TOO LATE.
It’s NEVER TOO LATE because SUCCESS is all in the mind. You can define success however you like, so as long as you have the ability to control your mind you have the ability to create your best ever life.

If it is financial or material success you are seeking, it is never too late for that either.
You are only a google click away from a world full of “late” success stories. Some of the greatest, most successful humans on the planet only made it big later in life.
Never give up, you are capable of anything you can imagine.

It’s Never Too Late (No Regrets) Motivational Video
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  1. I'm 45, quit my career as a Teacher because I have always hated it. New endeavors. Nobody understands but I am just happy next year I will not be dealing with so much depression, misery and unhappiness.

  2. I am 17 years old I don't learn how to ride cycle everyone says to me you cannot learn cycle its too late but I say to me its not to late

  3. Thank you for giving me the last boost to follow my dream. I want a degree in history because i love the subject. I got suspended by a false claim and then i turned over to become a teacher in history. A lot of my family say ''abandond that degree, you have to start a life''. Its my dream i want to get it. Its like wining a boxingmatach and get that belt around your waist. Thank you for givining me the boost. I am 25 and if my plans work out i can get my degree when i am 29½ years old. I dont have a girlfriend i have few friends that I have. I did not have a good time in school when i was young and when i was a kid. I got bullied alot i got kicked around. When i got my first A+ i felt like a champion and the opponant was my fear. The fear was down on the ground i stood their and felt like a champion. Thank you. Dont ever give as i said to some of my familymembers:'' How can i tell my kids someday that they can be everything, when i did not have the balls to complete it.''

  4. Kazkoks gaidis ar gaide atsikelia pavalge ir oizdina i dabar ir prie manes is karto be jokio reikalo sako it is too late prisipiso be jokios esmes seip sau

  5. Iam only studyied 7th because of my family problems situations now iam 38 yrs l feel very sad how will I continued my studyied

  6. Me in my mind to my parents : Please give me time( to study mire hard for my goals) to try after every failure…..Please don't hurry with me….I promise you,i will work hard & I will never give up….
    My biggest fear : My Parents will give time( to study hard for my goals) me or not after failure

  7. I'm so thankful someone told you do YouTube!! Love all ya videos and information about our bodies.
    Abby does wonderful too!
    Kinda want to hear some her stories!!

  8. I commented on this channel 2 years ago. I have to say by far this has been one of my best videos to listen to. I have already listened to this today at least 5 times.

  9. I failed..i know that i m deafeated by top 2 percent people..i give up..u say desrving candidates given opportunity so i m not interested in your life's..think that i m dead..

  10. This would be my last day for hopless i will start from begining i promise today was my last day 😓 god forgive me for all my hopless today i will start 30 _7_2022

  11. How about in your 40's? (I am 39)
    I wasted my teens and 20's on drugs and then after getting sober at 32 or 33 I wasted my time working dead end jobs. Now I am looking down the barrel of 40. Single, no kids, no wife or gf, no education, no skills…. I honestly feel like the best thing I can do for my few loved ones left is get a big life insurance policy and wait for it to vet (while working my shit job) then just… ya know, exit stage left. I know it'll hurt them but at least I will leave everyone better off.

    I know I'm typing into the void but… sh*t. I dunno. Have a great night and don't waste your life like I did.

  12. I want to be the most dynamic batsman of the generation with in 04012023 with great focus and great confidence with in 151 days from today .