“It Changes Your Brain in Seconds” (Real-Life Limitless Pill) – MasteryTV

“It Changes Your Brain in Seconds” (Real-Life Limitless Pill) – MasteryTV

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“This is the real-life “NZT”
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  2. so I came here to see the real life limitless pill… problem is.. there is an ads.. and its 9 minutes long!!! worse is the skip ad button is missing! youtube what is this??!

  3. Like anything that increases function, there is always a downside. You cannot have a massive party in the brain without having to suffer the opposite, which will increase the need to dose again, rinse and repeat over and over until you cannot function without it… I'm gonna pass, thanks!!!

  4. Hello everyone in the Nofap Community I’m here because I want to end this forever. Now I know I’m going to relapse through my journey but everyday is unacceptable. Plus I been in the house for the pass 3 weeks just because I was sick , my car broke down so I can’t work. It’s been so hard to do this when I been battling this for 12 years. All I need is one favor from you guys in that’s to be my ally for covenant eyes if y’all know what that is. All I need is you guys email in I will send you a invite. If I can just get motivation to keep going. But I will go on fast this Monday and I’m going for 21 days or more I want to stop this it’s ruining my life I can’t think straight it’s just messing up my mental. Thank you for listening to me

  5. Nature provides everything you need and it’s not in a pill form. Eat healthy, exercise, meditate and go outdoors and get some sun and watch how smarter you will be. I hope this was helpful. Be well?.

  6. You believe it it does work, you don’t believe it , it won’t work. You, thinking and make it work. You are the Placebo. It’s our DNA that does it, ONLY, if we have Faith to BELIEVE . in it. Tell your brain that having Belief is how you become True Human .
    Cost nothing but Faith.

  7. The most potent natural nootropic is Sceletium Tortuosum(do your home work lots if fake sellers out there, i use Fynbos Pharmaceuticals when they have powder in stock. It can be drank as a tea, smoked or even snorted(Bushman's cocaine?), best is 0% side effects. And for everything else there is Provigil(Modafinil)