Is There A Region Of The Body That Is Rooted In The Eternal?

Is There A Region Of The Body That Is Rooted In The Eternal?

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  1. Doesn't make much sense to me either – I would have thought that all physical parts of the body would have the exact same relationship to the eternal. What's true of the pineal gland should also be true of your eyelashes or your left big toenail.

    Perhaps there's something about the pineal gland that helps the human consciousness to sense the primordial consciousness that it's made of and one with, but that's the answer to a different question.

  2. Yes the 3rd eye, however even more so is the small inner chamber of the heart, there is the physical heart, then the sacred heart space and then within that a small chamber.. that place. Also the belly button region. Think of how a mother connects with her child through the belly button area, the sacred feminine connects all and gives live to all, so I would say all 3 together. But if I had to pick one I would say 3rd eye. Blessings.

  3. the entire physical manifestation is rooted in the eternal. the eternal makes the physical a possibility. so the entire body is rooted in the eternal. in fact there is only the eternal. the physical is a temporary expression of The Eternal. It's all one.

  4. I think it is relative. Also at the heart of the root chakra, we contact eternity. I really didn't know what Kim would answer. But on hearing it, I agree. That is a major portal. And yes, I agree with the others who say the whole lot is rooted in the eternal. How could it be otherwise?

  5. I think so ?,Shes not sure,so she doesn't know,this is very theatrical performance.
    No,because the Eternal pure Self is everywhere,Consciousness is manifesting as the whole body not just in special part of it, so this question is irrelevant,so why concern ourselves?
    Focusing on the body and mind-made sense of self produced the egoic idea in the first place.
    There is only the Eternal pure Self..even That has no special name but we give it many.

  6. i disagree with what she is saying, since my solarplexus is just as important as my third eye, or even more so. since temporary consciousness can ascend through the solarplexus.

    also, this is a very theatrical performance. or am i just jealous because she is close to the only enlighted person i've known in this lifetime….lol

    some people are in tune with my energy and some or not. in this video i am disturbed by the theatrical affects (eye lids shut etc) indeed. nevertheless for some people it might be useful.

  7. No, no, no!!! There is no "special" part of the body that is rooted in the eternal. The entire body is rooted in the eternal, not just the bit between the eyes. The body is a manifestation of the eternal. Her very words "I think so… " give you an indication that she does not know what she is talking about :S

  8. Aprende Mindfulness, there is a gland that is located between the hemispheres of the right and left brain. It is called the pineal gland. It possesses cones and rods much like the retina. Matthew 6:22 "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, they whole body shall be full of light." Notice the passage is speaking of one eye. The pineal gland is also called "the seat of the soul" Do the research on the pineal gland.

  9. What a degradation of Eckhart’s teachings!! Just because she is his partner doesn’t mean she is right! It’s a waste of time to listen to this “actress”