Is the Energy I Am Feeling Ok? | Eckhart Tolle

Is the Energy I Am Feeling Ok? | Eckhart Tolle

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Eckhart discusses the nature of emotions as energy, how our thoughts and emotions interact, and how the pain-body fluctuates …

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  1. I quite often wake up in my pain body – even if I've been feeling good the night before. So, then it's like a process each day to overcome it and get onto a better feeling state- variously through meditation and/or exercise, music, Wim Hof breathing etc.
    So, the awareness is there but how to clear it so I'm not waking up in a funk?

  2. Is there such a thing as being a trigger to someone elses pain body? Take bullying for instance, what is the relationship between the bullies pain body and the "victim"?

  3. I did found my pain body with help of awareness and lots of prayers and mantras. But now it resists so much(panic attacks, feeling weak and unhealthy for no reason, attracting negative people and situations more) …although I try not to feed it, sometimes I feel hopeless. It was controlling my mind and my whole life for years years that it doesn’t wanna go away easily…
    Praying for all who choose the path of awareness in light! ❤️

  4. I've been deceived perhaps to learn but
    to see by many I'm trying to find enlightenment where the issues that I am discerning myself with are implicated in the discussions that have been taking that I'm listening to an Eckert Toole truly is amongst the best so far bless him ?

  5. I am so greatful for Tolle for telling things how they are and not avoiding "supernatural" things. I know this all with my experience but so so thankful that somebody is clear with things. Thank you so much.

  6. I always wondered why I attracted certain people into my life who had almost nothing in common with me, they only caused me pain. Now I understand that our pain bodies were compatible. Thanks again for these valuable teachings.

  7. Oh how I wishI saw these when I was 13. Would have saved me 20 years of a vicious cycle of pain. It is what it is tho, I’m here now ? Instead I heard it when I was 26 and I’ve spent 10 years reprogramming ?