Is Pain Necessary for Growth?

Is Pain Necessary for Growth?

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Yes, although eventually our evolution does not require it.

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  1. I think pain is definitely necessary for growth, however it depends on how you deal with that pain, if you perceive pain as a bad thing it will make you bitter, depressed, but if you value pain and realise it's temporary it rewards you by strength and peace

  2. ..pain?…may not be "necessary " forr growth …
    Do seeds "feel"? seeds feel "pain" as humanity does?..
    Do seeds feel pain as they split wide open..again and again and again? become sprouts?…leaves..?..plants…and eventually food?..trees?..
    <3 MEGA HUGZ YO <3 peace

  3. In my experience the process of growth was most painful until I realized that if I did not permit my ego to be involved there was no pain but quiet realization of the desire for change or the truth that I had been mistaken in my behavior and thinking, thus becoming as a rain drop of lightness in awareness.