Is It Embarrassing Being In The Military?

Is It Embarrassing Being In The Military?

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  1. 1st comment haha but quick question, Do you think that the navy is full of "nerdy" people? Everybody in my DEP program are mostly nerdy, unfit, awkward etc. It's starting to really piss me off.

  2. I used to work as a cashier at a grocery store, it was the most embarrassing thing ever to have my friends or classmates come in and talk down to me like they already have a career set and they think this is my life now. But any time that happens I just remember that I'll be getting free school, a great job to put on a resume, and getting paid to travel the world. Have fun paying for college suckers lol!

  3. Thanks Yoon. This video really helped me finally decipher the last portion of my reasons for why I want to join the military. I could never put it into words easily. 🙂

  4. I agree with you Yoon. I went to community college and vocational school and currently work as a laboratory assistant in a clinical lab and a lot of people ask me why I'm leaving my career to join the navy. I obviously get paid more in the civilian world but I honestly just got bored of it and felt that joining the navy will bring me to places that I would have never imagined. Luckily I am going in as an HM so I will be able to further improve my skills by staying in the medical field. In the civilian world there are so many regulations and certifications you need to have and follow which ultimately limits what you can do. To me I took into consideration, "do I want more money or do I want more life experiences." I ship out for BMT later this month and can't wait to start my new chapter in life. Your videos have definitely helped a lot Yoon. Thank you.

  5. Anyeonghaseyo Yoon, good video dude, great perspective. I'm not sure if you mentioned it or not but where you in the U.S military or South Korean military? Also what branch (Army, Navy, Marines, etc)?

  6. The only thing that would beat being in the military or the peace corps wich are two different things is…

    Being famous. A famous YouTube or having a famous radio show/podcast like Joe Rogan or Howard Stern.