Inky Johnson Was NFL Bound When One Play Changed His Life | Goalcast – MasteryTV –

Inky Johnson Was NFL Bound When One Play Changed His Life | Goalcast – MasteryTV –

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Growing up in poverty, Inky Johnson dreamt of a better life — one where he could provide for his family. A gifted football player, Inky was on his way to this dream — playing college football & getting named a definite First Round NFL Draft pick, but tragedy struck when he was just 10 games away from the NFL. What happened next will inspire you to never give up on your dreams, no matter the obstacles you might encounter.
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✪ Inky Johnson – NFL Dream Destroyed In Freak Accident

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  2. Some cannot take the L, so that they cannot get more W’s. How we bounce back does define us, we all will get hit with obstacles. Inky got his career taken away before he even had a chance to play a snap in the NFL. Now he’s impacting and changing lives!!!!

  3. I dont support football it causes brain damage and dementia from all the blows to the head all for what??? Fame and money! Get right with yourself to realize that's not all life is about 🙄😐🙏❤

  4. What happened to your arm? The video don’t explain. I’m sorry for your pain. Keep taking good care of your family remember you only have one Mama♥️God bless you my friend🙏

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