Initiating Change Where You Are Right Now | Q&A Eckhart Tolle

Initiating Change Where You Are Right Now | Q&A Eckhart Tolle

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In this Q&A, Eckhart shares inspiring insights for initiating change in health care. Subscribe to find greater fulfillment in life: …

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  1. Really? This little man troll knows more than YOU do about how to live an enjoyable rewarding life? Sycophants: how about following your OWN inner guidance system, and just flow naturally with your own emotions in your life? It's pathetic to see so many clueless adults in this audience just hanging onto Tolle's every word as if it were the voice of omniscient God Almighty himself speaking.

  2. Please initiate urgent change and please shout and speak out – loud and clear – to put an end to the unending atrocities towards the Palestinian people by Israel; a country celebrating discrimination and breaking international law for decades uninterrupted- enough is enough.

  3. Yes yes this really needed talking about. For many years now they're had been an unspoken or at least unacknowledged" burn out " in the medical and therapy feilds. Great idea to start a mindfulness group. A safe place that confidential to get together and if in the least not feel alone in the burn out. There should be doctor, counselor, and therapist " wellness" courses and groups. Great job Eckhart

  4. I watched a cat on a Facebook channel, have it's back leg removed (I didn't watch the procedure!) and two days later it was making its way round, adapting to the new situation. I thought how a human would cope, understandibly, we would feel sorry for ourselves and fear the future and reactions from others ..because we have the capacity for worry.

  5. A group is a good idea for doctors – it is a lonely job. However it is not just a job. It is a role, with expectations on all sides, a deal where you get status and a good living, and give important parts of yourself away. It is as if you are a human sacrifice, given into an order on an understanding that you will fend off mortality. It's not that much fun, although everyone envies you. I don't know if mindfulness belongs in there!

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  7. Its such a wonderful thing to see so many people working on themselves actively to bring presence – people watching this on youtube or those attending Eckhart's talks n so on. The world doesn't need to change through aggressive actions and ideologies – which is what our mind wants us to believe(we've tried all that as a species and failed) , but through recognition of who we all are by seeing the truth, which is beyond ideologies and theories..

  8. No matter where I am right now? So you mean if I go to my favorite Chinese restaurant and order Dan Dan noodles I can change it to Guilin hot and sour at anytime?

  9. Becoming still means getting out of the way.
    You will be amazed how much power you have.
    Thanks Eckhart. 15 September 2022.