Increase Your Dopamine Levels in 20 Minutes | How I tricked my brain to like doing hard things

Increase Your Dopamine Levels in 20 Minutes | How I tricked my brain to like doing hard things

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  1. Who are u if u have to please your brain so that it would allow u to do something?
    Are u a slave of brain or eny othere part of your body?
    Do u not have free will?
    Videos like this only make ppl more ignorant than they are buy leading them away from truth.

  2. I watched it thoroughly.Well this video does not train you or give you hints.All we know already.Spending precious time.TO OWNER OF THIS VIDEO:DO NOT STEAL OUR PRECIOUS TIME IDIOT! Give hint clue or shut it out.

  3. This is the shittiest advice I've ever seen – the moment you accomplish a small goal, reward yourself with a pizza. If you die because of high cholesterol at least you will die a happy man since you achieved a small goal. Can anything be more horrible than this?

  4. Hey everyone, Any ideas for rewarding yourself in a good/healthy way? And not just a pat on the back. This has been a huge challenge for me. 4:10, talks about this but This video mentions ordering a pizza! uhh not on my meal plan! I’m trying to eat healthy Whole foods.