In Order to Change Your Life YOU NEED TO LEARN THIS FIRST! (Eye Opening Speech)

In Order to Change Your Life YOU NEED TO LEARN THIS FIRST! (Eye Opening Speech)

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  1. Always inspired by this video everyday. Im a small youtuber but everytime i watch your video. It gives me a hope to grow. Hope you notice myessage and Pin it. It will will help a lot. Thanks

  2. So lame, people with no heritage to care and defend die gradually. Think about act on the legacy you leave behind. When you die in the casket what people going to say you done accomplished gave took ……sacrifices … Know that, no wasted life. Live happy knowing

  3. I could picture and it probably has happened..someone doing something bad to themselves while watching this..turned it on cause hey I could learn something to help….no

  4. Life happens. Inevitably & undoubtedly problems Will arise. Alls one can do is work the problem. Don't let the Problem. Work. You.

    My mantra I find helps others to hear, and I find myself saying often as of late.
    If in doubt, humor helps. If you find that you can't seem to have things work out the way you want the 1st time around. Or that you have the worst beginners luck, or things go south(much like how Everything goes for me no matter what I do-so you are not alone! However, might I suggest not doing things like skydiving when you know it won't end well. I'm not the most intelligent woman, and yes I may be very very optimistic-almost to a fault! I'm not completely stupid, either, &those failed outcomes were merely the way Not to do it! What can I say-Im not a quiter!!….(&now for a cigarette break outside).

  5. The background “music” and unrelated vids could definitely be improved…or even eliminated. Seems to undercut the message of this excellent narration. A Distraction …This man’s voice is good, and his timing/ elocution is perfect.

  6. I stopped watching this video after it told me to be happy working for 100k then 200k. I don't think this video knows what's best for me. I don't want to look for happiness through money. No thank you

  7. remember when we were kids everything smelled new, we have to keep it, so the trips are new impressions, sensations, it refreshes and makes us happy, and most of all, fortunately, this is a family only!

  8. I’ve been on top of my happiness for 7-8 times in 20’s, 30’s and 40’s and each time I wanted to “backup” my life somehow… and restore it when goes wrong…

  9. at my college when i had 17 years old, when i wanted to talk with people i saw them all on their phones and doesn't respond to what i said and this make me sad about this world today, so when i see this i understand that if i tried to talk to people around me instead of trying to focus on my self i was draining my energy, today i know there is alot of things i need to discover and also something i feel i am missing, as someone with ASD it's complicated to understand everything.