i’m okay with being alone and that’s why i’m powerful…i know my time will come (this one hits hard)

i’m okay with being alone and that’s why i’m powerful…i know my time will come (this one hits hard)

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  1. This Video hit me so hard rn, that i literally started crying. And now, im much more motivatet to do the things I have to do in order to achive my goals. For everyone who is reading this, I can say that every single one of us has the potential to be what you want to be. Of course its gonna take a lot of scrifices and hard work to do so, but in the end, it does pay of.
    So stay strong and don´t ever give up on your dreams. YOU. GOT. THIS.

  2. see i know how this works as a Marine when i am or rather was Marine-ing but i haven't quit been about to bring it over to the world as we Marine say. cux there huge difference between civilian and Marine realities. i venerate my memories of being in the Corps, but i know i was just as much an outsider there as i am here in the civilian world. on the civilian side i got this huge thing that impressed almost erbody when i speak up BCUZ most people ignorant of the Corps.

  3. I have been alone for a while and It’s tough at work these days and one big American company that signed a contract with me and I was about to start there but because of visa issues now the company is thinking of letting me go. I told everyone about it and now It will be so tough because people like always will say that I’m a failure. I’m barely hanging on

  4. To everyone out there wondering where they will be, you are ok and will do amazing things. Many people told me I would never
    accomplish anything and I prove them wrong every day. You need to take a risk to accomplish something.

  5. When you do hard work, do your best, and still get told it isn't enough… I wonder how much more I can take. I've studied something most women wouldn't, and I've been bullied, again and again, still thinking I will make it. I just am tired of this endless battle… Maybe I'm weak … I'm loosing my confidence, I just wish I could believe it is all my fault, but when you see the obvious difference between how you're being treated compared to another person based on your gender, it's depressing. And you wonder, did I make the wrong choice?

  6. Embrace your solitude. Some need a strong sense of direction to know themselves, others need a strong sense of self to know their direction. I have learned and I am still learning. Not everyone is the same or feels the same way, not everyone gets their happiness through others, some of us have learned to be happy on our own, as at times, that is the only option that has revealed itself, and to be entirely comfortable in our own space.

  7. Everything that is worth having…..takes work, sacrifice, pain. Everything worth having…….and you want it….you will do the work. You have always been enough, you are enough. When we learn this, we find our worth. ……you know who you are. What you want, where you want to go. Who you want to love…..and your life…..becomes your life. Do the work….don't give up…..and as always be you! Beautiful you!! Blessings

  8. Aziz long aziz iii can create ev3n inn lonesome times iii understand iii will nev3a B alone inn spiriot & truth & thee feeling of loveless loneliness isn't a life sentence that will last alwaysz. What iii dew win thee evil spiriot of lovelessness or loneliness tries tew defile miii iii get up or out & clean myself up spiriotually and truth in that it will wash my sinful nature white aziz snow n im thankful 4 such an amazing graceful holyspiriot thaaz thee lover over my soul sow it helps guide n bless miii with goods & goodsamartians. Amen