I'm Not For Dinner! (Official Music Video) FEARLESS MOTIVATION

I'm Not For Dinner! (Official Music Video) FEARLESS MOTIVATION

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  1. I really like the animation in this video. It really capture the message that you don't let the naysayers treat you as a piece of meat. You go out and find your own survival.

  2. Animation is good. But the song sucks, whoever is the music composer your fired lol..I would have chosen TI get back up. I hate Eminem due to politics but for animation first part intro till I collapse, or eye of tiger. Like he gon rise up, the song will go with your branding and helps with motivation. Strategize your marketing skills..and Get with the beat yo.

  3. ?Love this Animation???

    ?It’s time to make our voice be heard of the street …???✊????

    ?I’m in for a march of solidarity… We are not going to be their Dinner ?⚖️?

  4. Worst Video of Team Fearless .. Sorry to say that I am big fan of your content but this o ne is really bad .. Please don't lower your standards I have Better expectations from your side..

    Hope you take my suggestion in right way and improve.. Best of luck for Upcoming contents