I’M HURT BUT I’M STILL STANDING! – Motivational Speech

I’M HURT BUT I’M STILL STANDING! – Motivational Speech

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  1. Dream big and keep dreaming. …….stay tough, stay connected. I believe—-
    That every uphill step is worth the taking. Every one.
    …..mistakes are the stairway to Heaven. And in the journey walking uphill…
    You never walk alone.
    This I believe……
    Look around we are in this journey together. Take someone's hand……it makes the world a better place……..,AM. Great video!!! Be blessed!!

  2. I was born with a birth defect of crooked legs had to wear braces as a kid growing up to get my legs to be straight I have monster calves and the hardest shins you've ever seen. The thing you struggle against the thing that you struggle against is the thing that will make you stronger. The path so many speak 🗣️ of.

  3. I wonder, I just wonder how those "women" I was compared to would react in my situation. Would they still be happy and kind, would they still smile and try to find humor in the bullshit, or would they have unloaded a whole cap of bullets on someone, or kicked and kicked on someone showing their power? I just wonder, because it is TRULY easy to be up looking down on someone and giving such a speech, but are you all talk or can you back up what you say? If you were beaten down to a homeless state and your kids stripped from you in an injustice, could you still get up everyday with a smile and make it the best you can, or would you be down for the count because of overwhelming troubles? It's easy as hell to talk the talk, but could you walk the walk?

  4. The rewards gained from going through any suffering outweighs the cost. You may not see it or feel it initially, but it will come if you keep pushing. My pain and suffering is my greatest teacher, I am who I am for it. A better version of myself.. stronger, wiser and more compassionate. Being humble and knowing what real love feels like is a knowing that I am not going to revert back from. When others mistake it as weakness; I show more compassion.

  5. This is to a point of honesty that more people need to hear. I battle so much of dreaming big but not doing anything to change where my life is. And now I have to promote how much I care about being a parent and changing the world

  6. The challenge is the trip. It is living, it is the journey & life is about the trip not the destination. I endure in the toughest of times somehow & at 49 with 100 injuries- I'm just getting started. Don't be daunted Keep Going

  7. The Disney's Luca movie examines the family wanted to protect him by placing him into the abyss, but he chooses to be educated by going to school rather than adhere to the perspective fearing the unknown. I have a disability, but I refuse to going into the abyss. Although I struggled up the hill literally walking to school with leg braces metal knee down Monday thru Friday, a mother who dropped off her children seeing me came up to me in store shocked at my transformation into an adult going college pursuing the road less travelled. She asked, "How come you never take the school bus for children? How come you don't wear them anymore?" I said, "I lived in close proximity of the school strengthening my body. I don't wear them anymore because I chose to work harder climbing up the hill. I am going to college on a scholarship." She said, "Wow! I am going to tell my children about your story. You don't wear leg braces. You are pursuing your education. That is awesome. You go girl."

  8. 2:14. And you are gonna start yelling and hollering.
    Who wants to hear that stuff?
    Not a really attractive way of communicating.
    2:18 "… nobody loves the process."
    Speaking for other people though you don't know them.