If You're Different: BE DIFFERENT

If You're Different: BE DIFFERENT

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Be Different – Motivational Speech by Fearless Soul. Download or stream it now on:
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Transcript: https://goo.gl/ARijnq
Speaker: Tyrone Stokes

“You can not… EVER… live the life of your dreams by settling for someone else’s idea of what you should be doing with your life.”

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  1. I thank God that I'm not like everyone else ,life has shaped me , enough self love for myself when everyone and everything else has failed me, even when I get tired , I keep praying for a better day , better people , those of you that I love knows that I'll keep them in my unspeakable memories 🙏

  2. Self love is worth and becoming the person that you have imagine is greatfull.Things happen for a reason and from that reason you are learning from it .So God have give us a life to live so we must be thankful to him and life it the way He won't 🥺

  3. me daydreaming to fit in with my classmates if after I graduated from my high exam .

    well , now to be myself , I will be myself , forget my disgusting past with my classmates who traumatized me by their bully .

    I don't want to fit in .
    I want to stay me .

  4. When your are different and stand out because of it, people tend to be ignorant and annoying while revealing their true colors as a human being. When or if you bring the same energy to them they can’t stand it and can’t control their emotions, movements and energy. Majority of society is like this. It’s a dark energy you can feel spiritually.

  5. I really like sports, but I have to study TOEIC, so it's hard to make plans. Memorize English words for 3 days. Then, I study 30 minutes a day with words for 3 days. So I'm studying more and working out time and balance I think it's very helpful to achieve small things at the right level for you I hope to see a good video next time, too.

  6. im not an introvert but i am always left out. I do and talk and suggest the most different and try to make people understand the reality. Reality is bitter. So they say me to shut up and say that a hundred one side and you alone one side and they say alone never survive. but I will still be different. what they say does not matter to me. world is only you. yourself is just you be proud

  7. I am glad i am différent and i am glad that people are not worth the stress And i am glad to be me all the hell i have gone through beinf close to death 6 times being in hospital never had any visitors but i am me and i will never be some one else no matter what i have i have done more than those i know Life can be so cruel so hard but that is what makes us stronger always be you never change for any one