If You Hate Ricky Gervais Watch This Video — It Will Change Your Mind | Ricky Gervais' Speech

If You Hate Ricky Gervais Watch This Video — It Will Change Your Mind | Ricky Gervais' Speech

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Ricky Gervais is an English comedian, actor, director, and writer.
Known for not being afraid of offending people with his jokes, as seen in his viral Golden Globes speech, he is without a doubt an honest and down to earth person.

This is one of his most inspiring and truthful speeches! Watch the video until the end for mind-blowing life advice by Ricky Gervais!

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  4. There is a big difference in mean spirited offensive jokes and truthful but controversial jokes. I have never heard Ricky Gervais tell a joke that is based in a lie. And today there are so many lies and liars affecting reality. If an honest joke offends you, then you are probably lying to yourself about why you are offended.

  5. I love his description of his creative process but please be in no doubt that there is no nobility in a poverty that means you cannot feed your children or keep them safe and warm.

  6. The only thing about Ricky's "offensive jokes" are that they teach certain parts of our communities that certain things are okay to think and say. The risk with taking the piss out of transexuals for example, is that a minority of people miss the point and take things too literally. So it's not necessarily what he means by it and the comedy it comes enveloped in…it's how others perceive it which is potentially dangerous. He's my favourite comedian by a long way, even when he's just chatting about something he's interested in like religion/atheism. Really good actor and director too. I think it's just that one thing about his comedy sometimes that does make you think "I know you're joking…but does every single person know you're joking and know not to take this too literally".

  7. “You’re a success if you get up on a morning and go to bed on a night and, in between, you’ve done what you want”. ??? Fuck me, there’s a green light for every mad, evil bastard on the planet.

  8. One Ricky Gervais for every billion people is the correct ratio! Someone who can famously on a huge platform tell people to wake up and stop taking everything so seriously and to look inwards every time you are “more unhappy than happy” !

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