If— By Rudyard Kipling, Read by Navy SEAL Jocko Willink – MasteryTV

If— By Rudyard Kipling, Read by Navy SEAL Jocko Willink – MasteryTV

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  1. I am proud to be the man my Father never was. I've learnt so much from him on how not to be a man and I am so grateful I can get real wisdom from communities and art like this. Thank you all and keep at it brothers!

  2. 🍀"I Want My 12 Steps Cookie!"🍀
    My kid leaves for KOREA in July and i thought he might appreciate this Now?!😳😂 Ohh BOY!?😔 You have No idea what you have signed up for!😂😂😂💥🎉💥🎉 Get Fukd!😂😂😂🍀🍀🍀

  3. Pfft! Curious omission, Kipling and his era left girls (half the population) completely out of the picture. Makes me wonder why REAL men find strong women so threatening? Little matter: I am raising my daughter to aspire to loftier things than poetry (and anything to do with the military).

  4. I hear the WOKE have decided that Rudyard Kipling is to be condemned because of some of the things he wrote in his lifetime. The WOKE need to read IF.

  5. Basically, be invincible in your attitude towards the disasters / joys of life. Ah, humans always strive for some sort of ideal philosophy that would create "heaven on earth" or at least some sort of peace of mind. The problem is that excess is inevitable, it's human nature. Can you name any figure in history that wasn't excessive in his/her approach to life/politics/art/whatever? The poem praises balance and a kind of indifference to life, which is already a false start, imho.
    Also, the narration is from a military guy, too intense and oppressive to my taste.

  6. I've lost everything.. my job. My pursuit of college, my fiance..
    I got a dui the other day after saving a guy I didn't know from being stabbed to death..
    The would be stabber was never arrested, but I was, as I left the bar it happened at. A cop that was "watching" the bar, followed me.

    I've been broken from past traumas, I fought for my country for 6 years in the military. I was a firefighter for 4 years.. lost those too.

    I am but a shell of a man I once knew.

    But that shell?

    Will be the home of the man I will become from looking fate in the eyes and saying " you will NOT break me"

  7. A letter to his son. I remember in high school when the teacher introduced this poem. Wise words. Goosebumps.

  8. I can't do any of these things but I am awesome. This video is shit. It's full of things nobody can do. You are not going to convince me that these are what's required to be virtuous. These things are superhuman. Go to hell