I WILL WIN…JUST WATCH – Motivational Speech

I WILL WIN…JUST WATCH – Motivational Speech

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  1. There's a lot of naysayers in life. Usually they push back because they feel they cannot do it themselves. They are afraid of failure so they reflect that onto you.

    But If you choose something and intentionally act, you'll get it. I can confirm 100%. I used to be socially anxious, a hermit in my parents home. Ten years later, I am now a nurse lead in my program, directing staff, solving problems for my manager, and helping multiple clients. Now I want to go further. Who's to stop me? There's still people in my life who doubt but they've never walked in my shoes or experienced what I've experienced. They don't have those experiences of failure to talk about because they haven't tried in the first place due to fear. I know, my full focus and effort will 100% pay off like it did in the past.

    I have everything I hoped for 10 years ago. I will have everything I want today, 10 years from now.

  2. Here's my military style affirmation as I was born into the military,so here it is ,I will win if it's the last thing I do if it's when I take my last breath and I am about to die ,I will win even if I keep failing for the rest of my life ,I know I will win for I never stop trying I will win cause I come up with original idea s ,I will win cause I am on gods side I will win cause when I can't find the solution god enlightens me with the solution with my telapathic mind I WILL WIN .period,

  3. There are other words to describe hard, difficult, bad situations…besides the F bomb. ……..We are all to busy, to frustrated and on edge. Makes it hard to stand strong….but excuses are the very thing we all use instead of facing the facts. Who is controlling your life??
    I don't know what tomorrow may hold…but I know who is already there..God. Always has been…so I'm going to keep …keeping on. Hoping you do too.
    Don't go back to where you were….
    You have come too far. Blessings ?

  4. These have helped me so much this year. Started January at 223lb. 181lb this morning. I listen to these everyday twice a day when I’m working out. Nice to hear Joel speak as well. Thank y’all so much for these??????

  5. There is a time and place for everything and I'm a firm believer of that. A time to take action, a time to reflect, a time to accept things for what they are and a time to make changes. Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes, embrace them all.