“I Will Teach You How to Reset Your Brain” | Jim Kwik (brain expert)

“I Will Teach You How to Reset Your Brain” | Jim Kwik (brain expert)

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Special Thanks to Jim Kwik!
Check out his amazing content here: https://www.youtube.com/user/kwiklearning
Book “Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain” https://amzn.to/3mvIDq2


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  1. I've had this saved for almoat a year now to watch and haven't… today I woke up completely depleted and given up and wanting to just be done with this life… this video helped me abit… so thank u for that …. 🙏

  2. Everywhere I look I see poorer people happier with more human connections and rich/wealthy miserable.
    We need to get off this zombie state of capitalism to reconnect with nature, save the planet and our existence.

  3. Lsd you can try to keep it from us but you made it and we got it and I can say without a doubt y’all scared and go I want some shrooms shrooms will take you straight to the devil lsd will let you feel the entire universe and yeah the first time is scary cause you meet yourself but after that your either homies or you hate yourself ig

  4. Quick Motivational Procedure that you never heard of involving the management of positive affect.

    Want to make popcorn taste better?

    Then eat popcorn while watching an exciting movie.

    We ‘know’ this non-consciously when we buy the stuff for the latest Tom Cruise movie.

    The reason? Opioid-dopamine interactions. Opioid and dopamine systems are comprised of clusters of brain cells or ‘nuclei’ in the midbrain that adjoin each other. Opioids cause pleasure or ‘liking’ and are activated in sex, eating, resting, etc., and dopamine systems cause attentive arousal or ‘wanting’ and are activated by the perception or anticipation of novel and positive means-end expectancies, like that Tom Cruise movie. These two systems interact, thus if we do something pleasurable, we get aroused, and if we get aroused our pleasures increase.

    This also happens when we follow a resting protocol such as mindfulness, and alternate it with the anticipation and performance of meaningful behavior which may be defined by the virtual perception of novel and positive mean-end expectancies (writing your great novel or just making the bed).

    So just get rested and alternate with doing meaningful behavior, and you will have such ‘flow’ like experiences and find that motivation becomes pleasurable, and thus much easier.

    More on this on the web site of the distinguished affective neuroscientist Kent Berridge of the University of Michigan who thought much of this stuff up, all of whose research articles are available for download.

    A more formal explanation based on Berridge’s research (or a neurologically grounded theory of learning) is provided on pp. 5-6, and 44-51 in a little open-source book on the psychology of rest linked below. (‘flow’ discussed on pp.82-87)


    Berridge article on the Neuroscience of Happiness – from Scientific American https://sites.lsa.umich.edu/berridge-lab/wp-content/uploads/sites/743/2019/10/Kringelbach-Berridge-2012-Joyful-mind-Sci-Am.pdf

    Berridge Lab, University of Michigan https://sites.lsa.umich.edu/berridge-lab/

  5. I've been working on removing the mental roadblocks to retiring early… these same roadblocks have been the issue my whole life, but better late than never…. thank you for confirmation.

  6. This is not a reset – it's a rehab.
    If I could change myself through sheer will power or imagination I would not be watching this lame ass 'be well' guru.
    The steps he is telling people to do are a bunch of common sense stuff that everyone and their dog knows – he makes it sound like he's brought you the essence of all wisdom from past and present. Utter bs