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I Promise This Song Will Make You Feel Unstoppable – MasteryTV

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“I PROMISE” from the new album “FREEDOM” by Fearless Motivation. Listen on EVERY good music platform, including:
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2jFmuVmWZPkNTE1TquHKu2
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/album/freedom/1555365521
All others: https://www.fearlessmotivation.com/freedom-the-album-fearless-motivation/


Forever running and working to be your prime,
Don’t ever stop and I promise you’ll find,
Whatever you seek, just keep on trying.
There’s nobody that can stop you, not even the end of time.
Get it off your brain
Just because you stepped back doesn’t mean you can’t
Again step forward and keep moving straight
But not to the finish line, cause you know it’s fake
Life’s not a race, it’s a battle, it’s a war
When you cross an obstacle it always has more
And you are not the type that’ll end at the finish line
Cause no matter what you’re always coming back for more Blood of a warrior is flowing through your veins
It’s time to snap out of your chains
Move and remember, no pain no gain
And witness the kingdom that you’re about to reign
The terrain is rough but you are not slowed
Ain’t it funny how you’re on an off road
But to you it’s not an off road
Cause you know it’s the path that you roam to get to the throne

Let me tell you a secret,
Your greatest weapon is your mind, believe it
It’s an engine so be careful what you feed it
Be positive and watch your obstacles get defeated
You reap what you sow, so plant the right seeds
It might be funny but think and you might see
Brightly that the principle is mighty
If you think that you can be a king, you might be
But only if you believe it enough
Hard work is easy, having faith is tough
Think about it, people bluff they have it
Cause they’re cuffed by their insecurities most probably So they give up and let the dream die
Chin up, you aren’t the type to cry
Awake the hungry beast that is sleeping inside
Believe and I promise you’ll rule the skies

WRITTEN & PERFORMED by ALPHA for Fearless Motivation: https://open.spotify.com/artist/21OmTx39RbTeTYzeCR0O0F?si=AKbAkxoGQZO_IABIN7-QAA
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Music is Composed by Patrick Rundblad for Fearless Motivation: https://goo.gl/GpqBqg

Image created by @ebenism for Fearless Motivation

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Music is Copyright Fearless Motivation, Created by Patrick Rundblad: https://goo.gl/GpqBqg

License details for music and speech use: https://goo.gl/c9BL0P

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  1. I rapped alot of these comments girls boys ladies and gentlemen remember u are. Worth it I may be 9 years old on my big brothers phone but I know I have a purpose on this earth my dad ditched me but I'm going to move forward

  2. My fingers are automatically going on subscribe and like button after listening this music and give me motivation ! I don't know I will best or not but I will try my best and I am trying.

  3. "Limitations are a frail mind's way of preventing growth. To a strong will limitations are a goal to surpass. Limitations are set to hold you back only from realizing just what you can make of yourself, what you can achieve if you only kept pushing yourself. If you apply yourself 100% to everything you do, all that you attempt, you will grow beyond those paltry limitations like the wave before becoming a tsunami. You will crash down to a new point way beyond what was previously believed to be possible, in doing so you show the world that there is still yet more that can be done, and you keep pushing, not only for yourself, but to lead others to follow your example, to grow as you have. To stay hungry for better, to push all that harder, to be the light blazing brightly like the glow of the sun, a beacon of hope and inspiration to the masses! It takes a strong will to show that there is always room to grow, it takes a humble heart to say to others even they can do the same, to reach the same heights as you, and to one day surpass them. It is telling when you see someone making excuses for themselves, just as it to see the effort and resolve in others refusal to remain where they are or worse to fall behind. Let me remind you, that it isn't the world that at the end of the day decides that you have reached your highest peak, but you the moment you give up pushing yourself, and when you look back and ask how you let yourself fall behind you'll see the truth in my words, and you'll feel that stirring in your heart as it reignites the fire of your soul. To those that never lose their brilliance and forge themselves stronger than the person they were the day before, you are the ones that show everyone that limitations are nothing more than worthless excuses made to keep you from making yourself into a better person each day. Mentally, physically, emotionally, no matter which way you focus yourself you will be the inspiration to a new generation, and it will be you they look up to. Show them how brightly the fire in your soul burns, and be the light that guides them forwards."
    -Wubraxco 10:39pm March 21st 2022

  4. Your warrior just find it inside you not even the greatest of fighters can not defeat you when fight with your soul not hand with a weapon anyone can fight with power only you can fight never give up you see Power will flow through your veins

  5. Subject: Why silence becomes success 👏
    🍏 Today there are lots of people who takes the maximum advantage from those who has weak minds.
    🍏 The foolish people or the negative thinking people always try to cheat the innocent people in some ways and get their advantage.
    🍏 The silent people are brilliant and their thinking are bright that none could overcome their cleverness.
    🍏 People who has silent minds are the people who succeeds in their ability. They know how to answer a cruel individual. Talking too much becomes not sense but nonsense. Today we see talking nonsense takes the initial place.
    🍏 Silence means, not talking too much, not dealing with people on unwanted issues, not getting closer and face frustrations and not interfering with people who has no knowledge.
    🍏 Educated people, people who has good intentions, good knowledge and good understanding are the people who always maintain their mouth in a silent manner. They never go for stupid talks or arguments or any conversations. They simply stay in silence.
    🍏 Silence is the best answer to a fool. People who talk too much, people who has no good knowledge when talking, people who never know what they are talking, people with negative minds are the people with whom we cant keep any trust. So, the best answer for this is maintaining silence and keep quiet.
    🍏 Silence always win. Today talking too much brings no benefits to the wise people who has silent minds.
    Females talk too much more than men. So, the best solution is to get far away from people who doesn't have silent minds.
    🍏 Today the maximum of the people spends their time by talking nonsense which will bring no profits at all. The easiest way of speaking nonsense is by the mobile phones. They simply spend more money on unwanted talks.
    We can't correct a fool when the fool himself cant recognise their mistakes.
    🍏 Stay in silence and safeguard your prestige. Be away from negative thinking people. They are hardly harmful.

    🍏Pastence was manageable, we managed.
    🍏 The presence is running with full of pains and tension.
    🍏 The future will be a frightening one.
    By: Dawood ✍
    Date: 27th February 2022