I Might Do 20 Years In The Military For $2,000,000

I Might Do 20 Years In The Military For $2,000,000

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  1. Still can't believe that I got shore duty in San Diego as my 1st duty station. Still planning on doing 5 and the rest in the reserves.

    Edit: Should I do the 20 or the 5 active, 15 reserves?

  2. Just to let you know, I did EXACTLY what you are describing in this video. I did 5 years and got out; applied and accepted into Penn State and used my GI Bill to pay for a BS in Cyber Warfare. I am now going OCS Navy ( I know you want (ch)airforce, but Navy all the way for me) and doing the last 15 as Officer. + Depending on the paygrade as officer you might even want to do more.

  3. I'm seriously thinking about doing the army green to gold program. I'm kind of like you just in the army. I save like 1400 a month, and invest a bunch. Recently I've been thinking about doing my degree and becoming an officer to do 20 years and retire. It just makes so much financial sense considering I might stay in either way.

  4. It also depends on what rank you finish. And now with the new blended plan you get more benefits. It’ll probably be more if you include social security..